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What kind of support have you given to the tsunami victims in South East Asia?
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We've got community and charity films from throughout the UK and the world. Plus you can watch all your favourite social action films from all of Britain's main broadcasters.
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'Playing our Part After 50' and 'Dementia'
These two films are made by the Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity (PRIAE), the leading UK and European body on ageing and ethnicity.
PRAIE Films - 'Playing Our Part After 50'
316 Neoprene
Die-hard surfers talk about their passion for the next wave.
A Matter of Fat
Britain is turning into the land of the fat - this is the story of three people's battle with the bulge.
Obesity is on the increase in Britain
About My Grandfather, About My Grandmother
Dementia affects adults, but children often watch the decline of a family member. This film recounts the experiences of four children as they watch their grandparent succumb to Alzheimer's Disease.
About My Grandfather, About My Grandmother
Autism is…
Keith Duffy from Boyzone talks about his experiences of autism as his young daughter has the condition.
Keith Duffy
Being Breast Aware
Presented by Linda Robson, this film looks at how women (and men) can become more 'breast aware'. Women and men talk openly about their breasts and how they examine them for any signs of cancer.
Being Breast Aware - Presenter Linda Robson
Better Must Come
Looks at employment issues open to African Caribbean men who have experienced mental health problems.
Better Must Come
Britain on the Move - Week 1
ITV is getting Britain on the Move! We're showcasing programmes from around the regions which highlight the issues and costs of lack of exercise and obesity.
Britain on the Move logo
Britain on the Move - Week 2
The second collection of programmes from the ITV Britain on the Move Campaign which highlights the issues and costs of a lack of exercise and obesity.
Britain on the Move - Week 2
Britain on the Move Debate
This studio-based programme discusses whether or not the growing obesity problem is a government or an individual's responsibility.
Britain on the Move logo
Cause Celeb – Autism Special
This week, Keith Duffy, Jane Asher and Christopher Timothy talk about their work and how autism has impacted on their lives.
Jane Asher
Cause Celeb - Lord Brocket
Lord Brocket from 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' talks about his fundraising work for his favourite charity - the Sargent Cancer Care charity which helps children and young people diagnosed with cancer.
Cause Celeb - Lord Brocket talks about the Sargent Cancer Care charity
Cause Celeb - Richard Blackwood
In this special edition of Cause Celeb to mark World AIDS Day, presenter Richard Blackwood calls for everyone to find out more about HIV and help the stigma that is still associated with it.
Cause Celeb: Matthew Kelly
TV presenter Matthew Kelly talks about being the President of the NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC) based in Winsford, Cheshire - an organisation close to his heart.
Cause Celeb - Matthew Kelly talks about the NeuroMuscular Centre in Cheshire
Christmas Survival Guide
Top tips on how to avoid any unnecessary stress during the festive season.
CNN/MTV Staying Alive 2004
This insightful programme made by CNN and MTV looks at how HIV/AIDS and lifestyles are viewed around the world and the treatment available for the disease - all depending on where you live.
CNN/MTV Staying Alive - CNN Presenter Monita Rajpal
Coast To Coast
Janet Street-Porter takes the longest walk of her life, 516 miles from Dungeness in Kent to Conway in Wales, in this seven-part series, Coast To Coast.
Coast to Coast presenter Janet Street-Porter
Embarrassing Illnesses: Bowels
Tracks the lives of several young people as they each cope with some kind of serious bowel condition.
Embarassing Illnesses: Bowels
Expecting more than One
Having a baby is a lifechanging experience in itself - but what if you are expecting twins, triplets or even more?
Fat Man Running
James is overweight and wants to change his lifestyle. Out go the takeaways and beer and in comes the healthy eating and exercise. He's going to run the London Marathon - watch if he'll succeed...
Fat Man Running - James
Finding the Edge
Young people tell us in their own words what's it like to experience mental health issues. The Croydon Mental Health Users' Group, who have used mental health services themselves and campaign to improve them, give us a fascinating
From Stoke to Nice
A cycle ride to raise money for the Caudwell Charitable Trust, which helps children who are ill or have been abused.
Stoke to Nice
Get Fit Keep Fit
A worrying statistic shows that Britain's South Asian population is more at risk of coronary heart disease than others and this film looks at ways of reducing the risk.
Get Fit Keep Fit
Getting Britain on the Move
Olympic Gold Medallist Tessa Sanderson presents this new series that hopes to encourage even the most dedicated couch potato to get fit.
Getting Britain Moving - Presenter Tessa Sanderson
Good Sports
Olympic gold medallist Tessa Sanderson stars in TV challenge to find good sports in Newham, East London.
Good sports
Grandpa's Games
Follow 80-year old Vic Younger's experiences as he takes part in the 2002 World Masters athletic competition in Sydney - also known as the Olympic Games for the elderly.
Grandpa's Games
Head On
Shows what life is like after a head injury and how to live with such injuries.
Head On - Film About Head Injuries
Healthy Eating
Get some top tips on how to make your diet more healthy and how you can fight the flab.
Heathermount is a school where children with varying degrees of autism learn through visual and task-based teaching methods, both in the classroom and one-to-one.
Here's the Story: Smokin'
Smoking is rife among South Asians in Britain. This film by Walsall Youth Arts looks at why the habit is spreading fast amongst the Asian population.
High Achievers
This film follows three people with diabetes who set out to climb Africa’s second highest mountain - Mount Kenya – a tough physical challenge for most people but doubly so for this particular group.
High Achievers
Hilary's Surgery
Dr Hilary Jones dispenses health and medical advice in this series of programmes. Subjects include obesity, men's health, healthy eating and giving up smoking.
Hilary's Surgery - Dr Hilary Jones
Ho Ea Rona (We Are Going Forward)
Meet four men from Lesotho who have taken the brave step of 'coming out' about being HIV positive. They recount their own personal stories of life with the virus and the struggles they face in a country that is unable to face up to
Ho Ea Rona (We Are Going Forward)
Kismet Road: Episode 01
A New Day for the New Boy - it's a busier morning than usual at the surgery, and to make matters worse, the new doctor hasn't turned up.
Dr Siddhu in Kismet Road
Kismet Road: Episode 02
More Than Meets the Eye - Taxi driver Ali Aslam has been taken to hospital suffering from a heart attack. But he also has symptoms for another illness.
Kismet Road
Kismet Road: Episode 03
Helping Hands - Nasreen is really not coping. Not only does she have two kids, she's pregnant with the third and is struggling to pay her bills.
Kismet Road: Episode 05
Secrets Buried Deep - Mr Singh is suffering from impotence, but he's too embarrassed to go to the doctor.
Kismet Rd
Kismet Road: Episode 06
Plain Speaking - Ali considers desperate measures as he struggles with his wife’s pregnancy, and Dr McWaverly finally meets his match!
Kismet Road - episode 6
Kismet Road: Episode 07
Just Desserts - Dr McWaverly is called to account for his bigoted behaviour and Tariq finds himself in yet more trouble.
Kismet Road Ep 7
Kismet Road: Episode 12
Raheem is still denying he has a problem with drink - even though he's referred to a counsellor...
Kismet Road - Eprisode 12 - Dr Siddhu
Lifeblood – Episode: 5 (Denham)
In the final part of the ‘Lifeblood’ series Janet Ellis joins the Thames Blood Collection team as they bring their clinic to the people of Denham in Buckinghamshire - and finds out more about donating bone marrow.
Lifeblood - Episode: 5 (Denham)
Lifeblood - Episode: 1 (Finchley)
The first of a series of films about giving blood, presenter Janet Ellis chats to donors as well as grateful recipients and asks the questions we want to know about blood donation.
Lifeblood: Episode 1 (Finchley) - Presenter Janet Ellis
Lifeblood - Episode: 2 (Cheshunt)
Janet Ellis joins the Hertfordshire Blood Collection team as they prepare to collect blood donations in Cheshunt. You'll hear inspiring stories from donors as well as grateful recipients.
Lifeblood - Episode 2 (Cheshunt) - A Blood Donor
Lifeblood - Episode: 3 (Baker Street)
In the third episode of this series, Janet Ellis joins the Hertfordshire Blood Collection team as they hold a clinic in Baker Street, Central London.
Lifeblood: Episode 3 - Person giving blood
Lifeblood - Episode: 4 (Whetstone)
The Hertfordshire Blood Collection team hold a drop-in clinic in Whetstone, North London. People donating blood are also given the opportunity to join the bone marrow register - which helps to save thousands of lives each year.
Lifeblood - Episode: 4 (Whetstone) - Person donating blood
Living with Cancer - Second Time Around
A powerful film confronting the realities of living with a life-threatening disease through the experiences of two patients suffering from cancer for the second time.
Living with Cancer
Malcolm and Barbara
Shows the devastating effect which Alzheimer's can have on both those who have the condition and those who live with people with the disease.
Malcolm and Barbara
Mental Health Action Special
Jacqui Joseph presents this Action Special programme which explores the relationship between mental health and creativity. She's joined by five sufferers who tell us about their experiences of mental health and art.
Mental Health Action Special - Twink
Mental Health Trio - The Chinese Community
For the Chinese community, mental health problems can be a bit of a taboo. Little research has been undertaken, yet this film aims to breakdown some of the barriers.
chinese mental health association
Message in a Bottle
Clarissa Dickson-Wright examines how alcoholism can damage people's lives and relationships.
Message in a Bottle
Miranda's Chest
Miranda Vicente and her husband struggle to cope with the aftermath of her double mastectomy, following the discovery particularly violent cancers in both breasts.
Miranda's Chest - Miranda
Moonwalk 2004
A six part series which explains why thousands of men and women go out at night on the streets of London, clad in exotically decorated bras!
Moonwalk 2004 - Sally Gunnell
People Like Us
Actress Sue Dawson investigates the reality of adopting a child.
How some people conquer their fears and learn to swim, and enjoy the many health benefits as a result.
Positive Women
Part of the BBC’s Modern Times series, Positive Women tells about the struggle of three british women whose lives have been changed forever by HIV/AIDS.
Positive Women
QED: Challenging Children - I Want My Little Boy Back
Follow one family's journey to the USA to get intensive treatment for their son who has autism.
QED: The Foolish Wise Ones
Three people with autism who have exceptional talents, from being able to copy any song, a child with the drawing skills of a professional artist, and a boy who can recite dates from memory.
Rosetta Life
Two films made with the help of Rosetta Life - an artist-led organisation - that look at the impact that HIV/AIDS can have on people – from different perspectives.
Rosetta Life - Two short films ' Angels & Dragons' and 'Imitation of Life'
Scope's Free2Pee Campaign
Queuing for the toilets on a Saturday night out is always a nightmare, but imagine what it’s like for 10 million disabled people in the UK? Find out how one charity, Scope is supporting a new legislation, 'Free2Pee' campaign
Scope's Free2Pee Campaign
Soap Life Episode 1
Corrie's Karl Foster (Chris Finch), a counsellor and a young gay teacher talk to Fiona Phillips about Exploring Sexuality.
Soap Life 1: Exploring Sexuality - Chris Finch from Coronation Street
Soap Life Episode 2
Eastenders' Ameet Chana (Adi Ferreira), talks to Fiona Phillips abut organ donation. They are joined by Tim Statham OBE, from the National Kidney Federation and Paul Hannan, whose gift of a kidney saved his brother Jimmy’s li
Soap Life Episode 2: Organ Donation Ameet Chana
Soap Life Episode 5
This week's Soap Life topic is about relationships. Fiona Phillips talks to Emmerdale's Nicola Wheeler and Relate counsellor, Christine Northam.
Soap Life Episode 5: Relationships - Nicola Wheeler from Emmerdale
Sport Relief
Highlights of 2002's Sport Relief, including the celebrity boxing match between Les Dennis and Bob Mortimer, and the revival of 1970s hit series Superstars.
England Rugby star Austin Healey
Surfing for Life
The lives of nine legendary American surfers who model successful ageing by staying active and engaged into their seventies, eighties and nineties. Narrated by Beau Bridges.
Surfing for Life
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Belly Button'
Shortlisted for the TCM Classic Shorts 2004 competition, six strangers seemingly in isolation become inextricably linked, changing their lives forever.
TCM Classics Shorts - 'Belly Button'
Vauxhall X
This film follows Steve, Sharlene, Steven, Rob and Emma who were all sleeping rough on the streets of London before finding a place in a shelter run by the charity Centrepoint.
Vauxhall X
Video Diaries: Not Stupid
An inspiring film that follows Anna Kennedy who is unable to find a school for her autistic children.
Wales on the Move
Part of the Britain on the Move series, this series of programmes looks at the growing obesity crisis and ways of encouraging people to take more exercise.
Wales on the Move - First Minister, Rhodri Morgan
Where to From Here?
A film about how Aids threatens to destroy the South African workforce, and how people are trying to hold back the disease.
where to from here
YCTV Round Table Discussion - Teenage Pregnancy
This Round Table debate from the YCTV studios looks at the issue of teenage pregnancy. Presenter Afua Achempong chairs a lively discussion between teenage mothers, fathers and support workers.
YCTV Round table Discussion - Teenage Pregnancy
You Are What You Eat
Catesha Scarlett discusses Britain's unhealthy eating habits and whether they can lead to conditions such as IBS or MS.
You Are What You Eat - Aleatha
Young Carers
A short film on how young carers make such a difference to family life and what they need in return to help them in this vital role.
Young Carers - Amber
10:00 Wales On The Move
10:30 The DIVO Project
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