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What kind of support have you given to the tsunami victims in South East Asia?
I have donated / items money to the DEC
I have donated money / items to another charity working within the region
I am holding / attending a fundraising event
I have volunteered my time
I haven't given any support - there are enough people already helping
We've got community and charity films from throughout the UK and the world. Plus you can watch all your favourite social action films from all of Britain's main broadcasters.
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Go Global


46664: The Message
Go behind the scenes and meet the stars of the 46664 concert.
Beyonce at 46664
50K Ski
A thrilling, 14-hour overnight downhill endurance ski race between 10 top teams from around the world - all to raise money for sick children.
50K Ski
A Lens on the Information Society
Follows two young journalists as they turn their cameras on the people and issues involved in the debate over the future of the information society.
A Man With A Vision
Looks at the work of TALC - Teaching-aids At Low Cost - and how one man's vision filled a need for health workers in developing countries.
A Man with a Vision
Afghanistan: From Ground Zero to Ground Zero
Part of our Community World project. An Afghan-American's personal journey to Afghanistan post September 11th.
masuda in afghanistan
African Dancing Wizard
Meet one of East Africa’s most flamboyant and unique characters. At 80 years-old Christopher Kato is Uganda’s oldest ballroom dancer.
African Dancing Wizard - Christopher Kato
Beyond the Storm
See how students of all ethnic backgrounds get on together at the Mar Elias College in Galilee, Israel.
Beyond The Storm - Child at the Mar Elias Educational Institution in Galilee
Cancun Uncovered
A documentary which takes you behind the scenes at the dramatic World Trade Organisation talks in Cancun.
Cancun uncovered
Cause Celeb: Salt of the Earth
See how a UK-based charity and an Indian charity are helping the rural people of Tamil Nadu in southern India build better lives for themselves.
Salt of the Earth - Girl
Children of the Rubble
Actor David Hayman, part of the charity Spirit Aid, goes to Afghanistan to help some of the most disadvantaged children in the world.
Children of the Rubble
Coming to Say Goodbye
A look at the Aids pandemic through the eyes of people suffering from Aids and their care-givers in East Africa.
Coming to Say Goodbye
Dance For Life
How Addisu danced his way out of poverty, thanks to the help of the Ethiopian Gemini Trust.
Dance For Life
Desert of Deserts
A marathon in the Sahara, where thousands of refugees live, attracts hundreds of runners every February.
Detective Vijay (Jasoos Vijay)
Detective Vijay, one of the most popular programmes in India, is about challenging attitudes to HIV and Aids, while solving a few crimes along the way!
Detetecive Vijay
Disseminating the Fruit
Shows how new technology is being used to support small businesses and networks of activists on women's and environmental issues in South Africa.
Disseminating the Fruits - Technology Empowering Entrepreneurs
Ethiopian Children
See the work of Max Robinson's charity, Rainbows4Children which, together with Save the Children and other local charities, helps the children of Ethiopia.
Ethiopian Children
Fields of Gold?
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall presents this film about two British women who go on a journey to discover how bananas end up in our shopping baskets.
Fields of Gold - Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall
Gift with Real Meaning
This Christian Aid film shows the work of the Zenezele Training Centre in the heart of one of South Africa's poorest townships.
Gift with Real Meaning
Helping Hands - Udavum Karangal
The story of one man’s lifelong struggle to rescue some of India’s most vulnerable men, women and children.
Helping Hands
Hide and Seek & Darkness at Dawn
How the civil war in Sri Lanka has affected people and left a legacy of mistrust between the Tamil and Sinhalese people.
Hide and Seek - Young Sinhalese Girl
High Tech Harvest
Are GM foods the answer to famine in developing countries?
High Tech Harvest
Land of Two Million Stories
Follows a convoy delivering humanitarian aid from the suburbs of England to the desperate people of conflict-torn Kosovo.
Land of Two Million Stories
Life and Debt
Film-maker Stephanie Black uses Jamaica as an example of just how IMF policies imposed on the developing countries are still making the rich richer and the poor poorer.
Life and Debt
This absorbing film sees Holocaust survivors in Australia recount new traumas as dementia sets in and past horrors come flooding back.
Meeting Mandela: A Staying Alive Special
Young people ask Nelson Mandela about some of the key issues in the world, such as HIV and Aids.
Nelson Mandela
Mission: Hospital
A surgeon from Kent goes to one of the poorest areas in India, to work in a hospital performing operations on some of the region's sickest people.
Moving with Purpose
Teenagers take action against AIDS in Africa. Part of our Community World project.
Moving with Purpose
Namibia Challenge
A group of wheelchair users and disadvantaged young people take on the challenge of a lifetime in the stunning landscapes of Namibia.
Namibia Challenge - One of the people taking part in the Challenge
Ockenden International
Charity film about Ockenden, which works in some of the world�s poorest countries to give people the skills and knowledge they need to rebuild their communities.
Ockenden International
Recipe for Disaster
Kwame Kwei-Armah from BBC's 'Casualty' programme goes to Senegal to investigate how international trade is harming local rice farmers.
Recipe for Disaster
Red Ribbon Around My House
A black South African family's differences of opinion to HIV/Aids.
Red Ribbon
Return of the Rhino
Rangers and UK volunteers on a mission to save the black rhino from extinction.
Return of the Rhino
Slam Dunk Monks
A group of North American monks try to get their message across to teenagers in East London with basketball and skateboarding.
Special Delivery
Beautiful film about the work of Ray Greaves - the 'Santa Claus' for the children of Chernobyl - as he sets out to provide aid for the Zelenei Gai Children's Radiation Rehabilitation Centre near Chernobyl.
Special Delivery - Ray Greaves
Staying Alive 2002
Highlights the lives of young people from around the world infected and affected by HIV, hosted by Mary J Blige.
Mary J Blige
Steps for the Future Films
A series of films funded by Step for the Future, showing the effect of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.
We Are going forward
Swords into Ploughshares
This film is about the seventeen years of war in Mozambique which turned civilians into soldiers and is now trying to turn them back again.
Swords into Ploughshares
The Slipper
A film showing the dangers and difficulties of building a new life in post-civil war Sri Lanka.
The Slipper
The Son's Legacy
A man's personal effort for peace by bringing together Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost relatives in the conflict.
The Son's Legacy
Trafficking with Pictures
This film tells the stories of Columbian Dancer and a Chilean exile who found their weay to the UK.
Trafficking With Pictures - Tanya
Viva Honduras
Tells the story of a group of children in Honduras who were empowered to speak out against the alcoholism that was tearing their community apart.
Viva Honduras
Welcome To My World
Sir Cliff Richard lends his support to Cambodian children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
Welcome To My World - Sir Cliff Richard
Where Does the Money Go?
A report on how the Disasters Emergencies Committee (DEC) swings into action when there is an emergency in different regions of the world.
World Food Programme
The World Food Programme (WFP), a United Nations organisation is dedicated to fighting hunger. Each year, the World Food Programme delivers food to nearly 90 million people in more than 80 countries.
World Food Programme
10:00 Wales On The Move
10:30 The DIVO Project
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