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We've got community and charity films from throughout the UK and the world. Plus you can watch all your favourite social action films from all of Britain's main broadcasters.
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Prime Time


46664 Concert
Enjoy the entire Nelson Mandela Aids concert, including performances from Beyonce, Bono and Baaba Maal.
Annie lennox
Amedume Films
The Phone Call, The Meeting and The Video Tape are three modern-day films by Julius Amedume which have an added twist to them.
Amedume Films: The Video Tape - Mr Watson
This film tackles the issue of racism among a group of young people in South East London
Beauty Before Age
This groundbreaking film explores the power of youth and beauty in the gay community.
Beauty Before Age
Dramatised account that takes us into the lives of four young people who lived in the care system.
Boxed - Dramatised film about young people who have been in care
Bully Free - Be Safe Be Smart
An inspirational programme jam-packed with ideas and information for parents, teachers, children and anyone dealing with the problem of bullying. It also looks at the work of the charity Kidscape which runs workshops exploring the
Bully Free - Be Safe Be Smart
Cause and Effect
A dramatised account of family life on an estate where drugs, abuse, underage sex and family arguments all come with consequences.
Cause and Effect - Alfie
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 2
Join the characters of ‘Chalkhill Lives’ in this second episode of this new soap opera. Will Charlotte ever find her runaway brother? What will she find in the deserted house? Tune in to find out...
Chalkhill Lives: Episode 2 - Charlotte
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 6
Worries mount for Paul as he realises that the household bills are going unpaid - while his mum Rosie wastes money on goods from home shopping channels.
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 6 - Rosie
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 7
In this episode of the soap, Paul discovers the truth about his father’s disappearance and Luke’s mother suspects he’s been taking drugs...
Chalkhill Lives Episode 7 - Paul
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 8
Rosie and daughter Mercedes are both forced to fight tooth and nail for the men in their lives - and an unexpected visitor appears at the Groves' door...
Chalkhill Lives - Episdoe 8: Shelly
Children in Need 2003
An inspirational compilation of short films shown during last year’s Children In Need evening on the BBC. Each film shows a different project funded by the donations.
Children in Need 2003
Deaf Awareness Week
Special signed and subtitled programmes from the UK's big broadcasters to support Deaf Awareness Week.
All the Small Things
Down and Dirty – Glastonbury 2004
In June 2004, we went behind the scenes of Glastonbury to see the work of the thousands of volunteers who help out on the charity side. 'Down and Dirty - Glastonbury' follows four volunteers from four different charities over the l
Down and Dirty - Glastonbury 2004
Falling in Love... Again
This film is a frank and sensitive portrait of people entering into new relationships in the later stages of life.
Falling in Love Again
Homeground is a series of programmes that brings you strong stories close to home - and focuses on the real personalities and characters across Britain.
Homeground - Bill Ogier from 'Those in Peril'
Hurting, Coping, Growing
Find out about the work of the Northern Ireland Women's Aid Charity which helps women and children of domestic violence.
Hurting, Coping, Growing
A dramatised account of life on one of Britain’s toughest housing estates.
Just the 21 of Us
Mr and Mrs Curry from Neversink, New York had 21 children. Eight of the siblings talk about their extraordinary childhood.
Just the 21 of Us
Famous fashion designers and a Met Police scheme help young people in Southwark prepare for a fashion show at the Tate Modern.
Kismet Road
New Asian soap, funded by the Department of Health, aims to tackle health and social issues amongst the British Asian population.
Kismet Road: Episode 04
Breaking the Rules - Dr McWaverly’s career is under threat as he learns of accusations of racism made by patients and Ali is stunned by some unexpected news.
Kismet Road - Brenda
Kismet Road: Episode 08
Facing Up To It - Tariq has recovered but his mental well-being seems to be deteriorating and is now running wild inside the hospital wards. Will Dr McWaverly make the best of his patient relations coaching?
Kismet Road - Tariq in hospital
Kismet Road: Episode 09
Problems Shared - Tariq realises that life is worth living and tells doctors he wants to change his life. His dad comes to visit him in hospital where Tariq plucks up the courage to tell him that he doesn't want to get married - ev
Kismet Road - Tariq
Kismet Road: Episode 10
Playing Safe - Sofia visits the doctor with the doctor, but clams up when she's asked how she is. Dr McWaverley feels embarrassed about being ill but receives a welcome visitor.
Kismet Road - Sofia
Kismet Road: Episode 11
Past and Present - Dr Hamer visits her friend Karen, who's been diagnosed with breast cancer, in hospital. Elsewhere, Shaheen visits the doctor as she's worried about Raheem's drinking - but Raheem's not very impressed when she tel
Kismet Road - Dr Hamer
Kismet Road: Episode 13
Time To Go ... Time To Stay? - Loose ends are tied up in this last episode of Kismet Road. We find out out what's wrong with Ali Aslam and Dr Siddhu receives a phone call from his mother which could change his future at the practic
Kismet Road - Dr McWaverly
Behind the scenes with the volunteers of the RNLI on the Thames.
Ten charities were short-listed in Sky's bid to choose a charity partner. You can see the films the charities created on Sky and on the Community Channel.
Making A Million
Olympian Sharron Davies is among the stars that attended the Caudwell Trust's Eternal Flame Charity Ball.
Making a Million - Sharron Davies at the Caudwell Trust's Charity Ball
One in Six, Episode Four
How two men found the way the world views them changing dramatically after they became disabled - part of our series into the lives of people with disabilities.
One in Six, Episode Three
How disability can help creativity - a series giving insight into the lives of people with disabilities.
One in Six: Episode One
Disabilities and having a family - three couples tell us about their children. Part of our series into the lives of people with disabilities.
One in Six: Episode Two
Our series about the lives of people with disabilities - this episode is about how two people fought to get a decent education despite prejudice about their disabilities.
One in Six
Patently a Problem
As the biotech revolution powers ahead, this film investigates whether a system meant to reward invention may instead deny the people it is supposed to help: those with genetically inherited diseases.
Phil Tufnell gets all Dirty for Charity
Can the King of the Jungle achieve a monster challenge to build a cricket pavilion for a London charity?
Princess Diana Memorial Awards
Looks at some of the young people who have won awards in Princess Diana's name for their contribution to the community.
Princess Diana Memorial Awards - Princess Diana
Show Racism the Red Card
Football stars such as Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and Sol Campbell come together to send a clear message to everyone that racism has to stop in football.
Show Racism the Red Card - Rio Ferdinand
Skate Head
Portrait of a skateboarder trying to protect his identity in a hostile environment on the outskirts of his small town community.
Skate Head - Thomas
Soap Life
GMTV presenter, Fiona Phillips sets out to prove that the nations' favourite soaps have a more positive influence on us than we imagined.
Soap Life Presenter - Fiona Phillips
Soap Life Episode 4
Bereavement is this week's topic, as Fiona Phillips from GMTV talks to Carryl Thomas from Family Affairs.
Soap Life Episode 4
Tara P-T decorates a house for charity
In this week's With a Little Help from My Friends, the Ultimate It-Girl, Tara Palmer-Tompkinson gets a less than lady-like challenge.
Through The Eyes of the Old
An emotional and powerful film about pensioners coping with the effects of old age and the changes it makes to their lives.
Through the Eyes of the Old - Chelsea Pensioners
Tomato Delivery
A hard-hitting and thoughtful short drama highlighting the plight of a young man who left his family behind in China to live and work in the UK.
Tomato Delivery - Lei
Two 'Other' Stories
This film follows the remarkable journeys of Jan and Shriya. Jan is an epileptic and Shriya has a destructive personality. Follow the ups and downs of their lives - in their own words.
Two 'Other' Stories
Walk In Our Shoes
Does a woman with the mental age of a toddler have the right to have children? Or should she be stopped, for her own and the child's protection?
Walk in Our Shoes
With A Little Help From My Friends
Where celebrities and their old school mates take up challenges to help community groups as part of an exciting new ITV programme.
World Aids Day
Get a different view of the Aids crisis with films from around the world to mark this year's World Aids Day.
10:00 Wales On The Move
10:30 The DIVO Project
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