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We've got community and charity films from throughout the UK and the world. Plus you can watch all your favourite social action films from all of Britain's main broadcasters.
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Abstract Fantasie
Tune in to see MAD Danger - the latest rap combo to come out of Brixton - performing their brand new track ‘Abstract Fantasie’.
Abstract Fantasie
After Refuge - BIFF 2004
A sixteen-year-old girl recounts her experiences as a refugee fleeing persecution in Afghanistan, and describes her family’s long journey to reach the UK.
After Refuge
All Our Apple Days
National Apple Day was celebrated across the country on October 21st. Join the festivities in Lambeth and learn more about the history of our national fruit.
All Our Apple Days
All Stressed Up
A fun animation that uses its characters to illustrate the madness of office work and the unnecessary pressures inflicted on employees.
All Stressed Up - The Boss
An Artist's Guide to Schizophrenia
Artist Aidan Shingler talks about how schizophrenia affects his life and his artwork.
Follow students from Rotherham as they search for an artist-in-residence for their school and design their ideal studio space.
Bedroom Radio
Follows pirate radio fanatic Gary (aka DJ Allusion) and his girlfriend Yvonne in this compassionate portrait of young people living in a notoriously deprived area of Glasgow.
Bedroom Radio - DJ Allusion
Beggars Belief - BIFF 2004
A short film turning the tables on the scenario of workers in suits abusing, or at best ignoring, beggars and homeless people.
Beggars Belief
Big Issue Film Festival 2004
You voted in your hundreds for your favourite film. Find out who won the Audience Vote as well as the overall prize at this year's gala event.
Big Issue Film Festival 2004 logo
Big Issue Film Festival
Gives budding young film makers the chance to show off their abilities by telling interesting and unusual stories.
‘Blast’ is the BBC's brand new initiative to inspire 13 - 19 year olds to bring their creative ideas to life.
BritBus Tour
Watch this enthralling film which sees Julia Jones, who left her job in London, to embark upon a crusade to make British music great again in the USA - on a British bus!
The BritBus Tour - Founder Julia Jones
A stunning animation about hope and struggle, as a young man try to come to terms with his mental health issues.
Carmen goes to School
How some pupils discover the joys of Carmen, and that opera can be enjoyable.
Carmen goes to school
Showcases the entries for the 2003 Commonwealth Photographic Awards where the theme was 'celebration'.
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 10
Paul learns the difficult truth about Cally’s ex-boyfriend in this dramatic episode of the community-based soap opera Chalkhill Lives.
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 10: Clint
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 11
It's Selina's first day as headmistress of Chalkhill High School and her approach to teaching leaves some of the other teachers unconvinced. Then she meets the school bully Gary Squibb...
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 11: Selina
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 4
Police and parents are at the door but can Luke give avoid capture again? Paul's still out of wotk, but life takes a turn for the better when he goes out on hot dat date. But there's someone stalking him...
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 4: Luke Crombie
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 5
Mercedes’ obsession with youth worker Stuart results in a confrontation with his girlfriend Vicki, who threatens to leave him unless he tells Mercedes to back off.
Chalkhill Lives 5 - Stuart
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 9
This week's episode concentrates on the Groves' new house guest - Shelly - the missing Doug Groves' mistress. How will things turn out?
Chalkhill Lives 9 - Shelly
Cre8 is a CD of highly original music written and recorded by young people, and this film follows the making of the album.
Creative Action!
Music, singing, peformance poetry, human beatbox and dancing - the best creative moments from Action!
Dark.Bright.Red - BIFF 2004
The hallways of a dark and seedy hotel are the workplace of a young refugee working as a ‘busgirl’ delivering room service to the rooms on her floor.
Digital Storytelling
We're screening two films to demonstrate the art of Digital Storytelling. See how Debbie Jelling got on when she created a personal account of her life.
Digital Storytelling - Debbie Jelling creates her own digital film
DIVO Project
Using digital video technology and participatory techniques, this project creates a virtual meeting place for young British and Ghanaian schoolgirls to explore the issues of gender and sexual health.
DIVO Project
Favourite Things
A group of schoolchildren from all backgrounds in Glasgow share their favourite things by using words and pictures.
Favourite Things
Film and Video Workshop Short Animations
A series of wonderful short animated films made by students from local schools across the London borough of Wandsworth, created as part of the Animania project run by the Film and Video Workshop.
The Film and Video Workshop's 'Mouldy Teeth' - made by kids
First Light Film Awards 2004 - Award Winners
Watch the winning entries from this year’s First Light Film Awards which includes films about martians making sherbert, urban street gangs, science teachers who become monsters and a documentary about asylum seekers.
First Light Award Winners 2004
First Up
'First Up' is a brand-new, "cruelty-free" talent show which gives youngsters from across the UK a chance to shine on TV.
First Up Logo
First Up - The Final
It's finally here! After months of singing, writing and performing, the eagerly anticipated 'First Up - The Final' has arrived on The Community Channel. The Final is presented by Sarah Cawood.
First Up - The Final Presenter Sarah Cawood
Go To Your Room!
Follows aspiring hip hop MCs as they prepare to do battle in the Bedroom MC Competition in Brixton.
Go To Your Room! MC Competition
I Expect Joan Feels the Same - BIFF 2004
Two widows from the Second World War discuss their experiences of love and the loss of their husbands over half a century ago.
I Expect Joan Feels the Same
Job Street - BIFF 2004
Gritty drama about three immigrant friends living in London and forced to search out work on the unpredictable ‘Job Street’.
Job Street
Just For Kids?
Do adults really enjoy pantomime as much as their children and, if so, why does everyone deny it? Rediscover the joys of pantomime on the Community Channel.
Just For Kids? - Pantomime
Lunar Girl
Meet Babette who feels she does not fit into 'this' world. She feels alone and daydreaming seems to be her only escape. But she soon discovers that there are people worse off than her...
Lunar Girl - Babette
The films are part of a new initiative called MadforArts, a web and TV project aimed at exploring the connection between mental health and the arts, originally screened on Channel Five.
Making Our Mark
Looks at how art can be used to help people who have been affected and survived by mental health issues.
Making our Mark
MTV Staying Alive Concert
An MTV World Aids Day special of concerts from Seattle and Cape Town.
Musikally Infektious
Music is the heartbeat of this short film drama from the young people of Sheffield.
Musikally Infektious
Off The Rails
Hilarious silent film about the story of a vicar’s daughter who is pursued by suitors on return to her hometown. But who'll win her hand in marriage? Tune in to find out!
Off The Rails - Spoof comedy made by the Jackass Youth Theatre in Durham
Oh Yes It Is!
Panto fun in this documentary about the run up to opening night of a village hall production of Mother Goose.
Our Town
A creatively constructed video portrait of how Hoyland in Sheffield used to be - recalled by some of its older residents.
Our Town
Roots Around London Compilation
This compilation of short films made by Londoners shows the areas that are particularly special to them.
Roots Around London - Nyah Jaja-Bomani in Brixton
Rural Media
Rural Media is a series of fantasy films made by a group of kids aged 12-17 years old. See what happens when a granny is taught how to skate by a youngster...
Rural Media - 'Screwball' film
Sound Futures
Shows the work of the National Music charity, Youth Music, which helps young people in all aspects of music making.
Sound Futures - Voice Coach, Danielle Perkins
A short animation bringing to life the imaginations of children at Holthouse Primary, taken from their poetry about alien creatures and their spaceships.
Studio 11 - December
Presenter Emma A introduces this magazine programme highlighting the best of Birmingham’s music, nightlife and activities direct from Studio 11.
Studio 11 - Presenter Emma A
Sugar Free
Short comedy/drama made by students in Sheffield that focuses on the happenings at a birthday party.
Sugar Free - Comedy/Drama made by kids
Super Delta Three TV
Chat, comedy and music from band Super Delta Three. Includes a step-by-step guide on making a record.
Super Delta Three
Tacsi: the Angus Macphee story
Angus Macphee spent most of his life inside mental health institutions, where he knitted grass to make objects now recognised as works of art.
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Between Us'
Second place runner-up in the TCM Classic Shorts competition ‘Between Us’ tells of a young boy stuck who makes an unlikely friendship whilst stuck in a traffic jam.
Second place winner in the TCM Classic Short Film Competition - 'Between Us'
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Call Register'
Starring Martin Freeman (The Office) ‘Call Register’ is a hilarious tale of best friends falling for the same woman.
TCM Classic Short Films - 'Call Register'
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Funeral Etiquette'
Shortlisted for the TCM Classic Shorts 2004 competition, this is a sinister tale of two undertakers embalming a corpse whilst competing for the affections of his widow...
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Funeral Etiquette'
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Gravity'
Shortlisted for the TCM Classic Shorts 2004 competition, a teenage boy roams the estates brandishing a handgun found abandoned in the street.
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Gravity'
TCM Classic Shorts - 'Nits'
Overall winner of the TCM Classic Shorts 2004 competition ‘Nits’ is the touching story of a young boy struggling to understand a family tragedy.
TCM Classic Shorts Winner 2004 - 'Nits' - Character called James
The Black Tragedian
A haunting and compelling tribute to England's first black Shakespearean actor, Ira Aldridge.
Black Tragedian
The Hamlets
Join teenager Peter on a journey of discovery as he uncovers the hidden history of London’s Tower Hamlets and uncovers more than he ever expected.
The Hamlets
The Lift
A local gang tries to mug an old lady, but not all is as it seems...
The Lift
The Lodger - BIFF 2004
A very hilarious and wonderfully surreal short film about the ‘installation’ of a lodger into a family home.
Toilet Gallery
How one man got together lots of volunteers to convert a disused public toilet into an art gallery, all for a cost of £12.50!
Toilet Gallery
Transparency - Living Without Borders
A group of young refugees document their new lives in the UK through photography, with the help of professional photographers.
Who's Cooking Dinner?
Temperatures rise in the kitchen as 19 celebrity chefs produce scrumptious offerings for the annual Who's Cooking Dinner? event which has raised millions of pounds for the leukaemia charity, Leuka 2000.
Who's Cooking Dinner? logo
Will and Testament
The summer of 2004 saw an art exhibition in Soho Square showcasing the work of elderly artists.
Will and Testament - Art Exhibition for older artists
William Blake
Follow the artistic development of students at the Waltheof School in Sheffield as they take part in a project to encourage the understanding and appreciation of the fine arts - using the work of William Blake as inspiration.
William Blake
Working With Care
An animated tale about Queen Ella who is struggling to balance ruling her kingdom with the pressure of bringing up children.
Working With Care - Queen Ella
World Book Day
Celebrated authors, poets and broadcasters discuss reading and how it has influenced their lives and inspired them.
10:00 Wales On The Move
10:30 The DIVO Project
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