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We've got community and charity films from throughout the UK and the world. Plus you can watch all your favourite social action films from all of Britain's main broadcasters.
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Where You Live


30 Musicians and a Helicopter
This heart-warming film revolves around Malcolm Toft's recording studio and the radio station that backed the creation of a track to raise money for the Devon Air Ambulance service.
30 Musicians and a Helicopter
A Safe Place
Professional footballers such as Thierry Henry challenge us to step inside the minds of young asylum seekers.
A Safe Place - Thierry Henry
Beacon Fellowship Prize 2004
The deadline for nominations in the for the Beacon Awards is October 1st. Nominate a person you feel has made an outstanding contribution to charity.
Beacon Fellowship Logo
Bein' Bri-tish / Bein British
This film explores the culturally diverse make up of Newham community in East London. Young people in Newham discuss what it means to be British to them and the journeys they have made to allow themselves to be called British.
Bein' Bri-tish
Britain's Secret Shame
A series of films from the BBC which focus on the care older people receive - at home, in care homes and in hospital.
Britain's Secret Shame
Building a Community Compost Bin
The Women's Environmental Network give a step-by-step guide to creating a New Zealand-style composting bin for your community garden or growing project.
Building a Community Compost Bin
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 1
The first episode of this new soap opera based in Portsmouth sees Charlotte having nightmares since her twin brother ran away. Rosie Groves, on the other hand, is a single mother with demanding children. See how the drama unfolds.
Chalkhill Lives Episode 1 - Paul
Chalkhill Lives - Episode 3
In the latest instalment of the soap opera, will Charlotte ever find her brother? Has Mercedes learnt her lesson or will she continue to pursue youth leader Stuart? Tune in to find out.
Chalkhill Lives: Episode 3 - Rochelle/Mercedes
Charlie's Garden Army
In this series, Charlie Dimmock leads an army of volunteers in building a variety of community-based gardens around Great Britain.
Charlie's Garden Army - Charlie Dimmock
Chulmleigh Old Fair
Go back in time with generations of people from Chulmleigh in Devon, who for one week each summer celebrate traditions dating back 751 years. This year's Fair will be held on July 27th.
Chulmleigh Old Fair in Devon
Crops and Robbers
Clever animation shows how the choices you make in the supermarket affect people across the planet.
Digging It
Inspired volunteers share their experiences and tell us how they are making a difference in their communities by helping to make them bloom from the ground up!
Digging It - Volunteer Raymond Gibbins
Friends for a Year
This film shows the challenges four teenagers face as they leave care and make their way in the world, with help from their mentors from the Prince's Trust.
Friends for a Year
Helping Hand Awards
Find out about the Helping Hand Awards which celebrate ten years of the Lottery's good causes.
Helping Hand Awards
Helping Hand Awards - The Winners
Award ceremony held to celebrate the National Lottery's 10th Birthday. Presented by Cilla Black and Duncan James, there were six categories - including the 'National Hero' Award.
Helping Hand Awards - One of the presenters, Cilla Black
Here's the Story: 44 Tonne Trucks
A father campaigns against trucks driving through built up areas, after his daughter was killed by a lorry while riding her bike.
Here's the Story: After the Floods
How the residents of two towns have survived repeated floods.
How to be a Neighbourhood Gardener
Monty Don, gardening guru, introduces us to a variety of community gardening projects around the country to support 'How to be a Neighbourhood Gardener'.
Monty Don - How to be a Neighbourhood Gardener
Hyde Park
A community film about Hyde Park in Leeds, where voter apathy is rife.
Lincolnshire Living - February
Find out about the latest goings on in and around Lincolnshire in this magazine-style programme.
Lincolnshire Living - Stuart Hall
Listen To Their Pictures
A series of postcard visuals describing the intensive and extraordinary work at the Royal London Society for the Blind.
Listen to Their Pictures
Living the High Life
About the residents of a council tower block in Newham, and their fight to make their community better.
tower block
Living the Legacy
Three people tell their own personal stories of spending their childhoods in care. Follow their emotional journeys and find out how being brought up in care has affected them.
Living the Legacy - Pauline and June
Memories of Ferham
Join the elderly residents of Ferham in Sheffield as they relive memories of their youth growing up in the town.
Memories of Ferham
My Son is a Heroin Addict
Documentary that follows parents who will go to any length to help break their child's heroin addiction.
National Giving Week
To inspire a national spirit of generosity and encourage people to dig deep into their pockets, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) launched the UK’s first National Giving Week. See who the winners were of the £2k giveaw
The Community Channel's £2k Giveaway!
No Place Like Home
This emotional documentary focuses on the lives of three children, Robert, Charlotte and Sean who are all from different backgrounds and are in the care system.
No Place Like Home - Charlotte
Restoration: You Make It Happen
Restoration: You Make It Happen is here to bring out the heritage hero in you!
Restoration: You Make It Happen - Presenter Sumit Bose
Safety Skills For Life
Shows the work of the Streetwise Safety Centre which helps kids understand dangerous situations - at home and outside home.
Street Wise
Secret Life of Kids
Episode 1: Life on one of London's biggest council estates through the eyes of two young carefree girls.
Secret Life of Kids
Secret Life of Kids
Episode 2: We follow 10-year-old Will as he auditions to become a famous actor, dancer and singer.
Secret Life of Kids
Episode 3: The lives of children who are devoted to their family, religion and the church choir.
Secret Life of Kids
Episode 4: The lives of two young girls who travel around the country with their parents' circus.
Soap Life Episode 3
This week, Soap Life looks at Car Crime. Fiona Phillips talks to Dean Ashton (Aidan Critchley from Corrie) and a 'converted' joy rider
Soap Life Episode 3: Joy Riding
Somerset Hour - Episode 1
This first instalment of personal stories from the people of Somerset features short films about discovery and regret, bullying and dragons all told through the eyes and mouths of the communities themselves.
Somerset Hour - Alison Collyer
Somerset Hour 4
The latest collection of short films created by the people of Somerset brings together three very different subjects. This unique project allows everyday people to express themselves through film-making and storytelling.
Somerset Hour 4
Southwark Hour 2
Discussion and reflection on some of the outstanding community-based projects currently transforming the lives of Southwark residents.
Southwark Hour 2 - One of the guests
The Making of a Princess
Who's going to be this year's Miss Teen Philippines? A bevy of beauties line up at this event where the UK's Filipino community gets together.
Walking the Poverty Line
A community film from Bedford where 60% of children's families are on benefits.
Welcome Home Dad
This film, written by a group of youngsters from Buckinghamshire, shows them acting-out a family scenario where the dad (played by one of the kids) is abusive and violent.
Welcome Home Dad
West Indies Calling
Made in 1943 this programme gives a fascinating insight into the huge contribution to the war effort made by women and men from the Caribbean islands.
Who Wins the Lottery? Show 1
This two-part programme, presented by Lisa Aziz, debates the major concerns on how lottery money is spent.
Who Wins The Lottery? Presenter Lisa Aziz
With a Little Help from My Friends... The Legacy - Kerry McFadden
Kerry McFadden gathers her friends and the local community to help create a play area and sensory garden for the patients of Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital for Children.
With a Little Help From My Friends... The Legacy - Kerry McFadden
With a Little Help from My Friends... The Legacy - Vinnie Jones
Vinnie Jones gathers his friends and the local community to help rebuild the changing rooms of the first football club he played for in Bedmont, Hertfordshire.
With a Little Help From My Friends... The Legacy - Vinnie Jones
Working River
A day in the life of the River Thames harbour service which a patrols the river supervising the safety of river traffic on London's waterway.
YCTV Christmas Special
This special edition of the Round Table discussion programme looks at the commercialisation of Christmas and significance of giving presents.
YCTV Christmas Special
YCTV Round Table - Gun Crime
A lively monthly debate show exploring real issues affecting our communities. The panel debate the difficult issue of gun crime on the streets of Britain, its causes and possible ways of overcoming this growing problem.
YCTV Round Table  - Gun Crime
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