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Action!What's on the Community Channel!

Go For It has tonnes of ideas about how you can get off the couch and involved in your community. Prime Time is where we showcase flagship social action programmes from the UK's big broadcasters. Go Global is where you can see the world from a different perspective through international films, including Community World, our joint project with OneWorld TV. And see community films from around the UK in Where You Live.

The DIVO Project

The DIVO Project

Uses digital video technology to help schoolgirls in Ghana and Britain communicate about various issues. [more]

Chalkhill Lives - Episode 11: Selina

Chalkhill Lives – Episode 11                      

It’s Selina’s first day teaching at Chalkhill High School. Will she impress the staff and students? [more]

Lil' Bro' - Benjy

Lil’ Bro’

Powerful and honest drama made by young people in Hackney about a young boy who becomes involved in drugs. [more]

Restoration: You Make It Happen - Become a heritage hero!

Restoration: You Make It Happen

See how a group of people became heritage heroes by saving local buildings and monuments. [more]

GMTV Volunteers - Lisa Maxwell

GMTV Volunteers

Soap Stars show GMTV (and us) how they volunteer their time for their favourite charities. [more]

Britain on the Move Series

Britain on the Move

We’re showing ALL the programmes from all ITV regions to try and get Britain moving! [more]

Super Delta Three

Super Delta Three

All the tips you need on how to make your own music track. [more]

Send a Cow

Send a Cow

Buy a cow, pig, chickens or a beehive for a family in Africa - a gift that keeps on giving! [more]