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Building a Community Compost Bin

4th March 2005

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Building a Community Compost BinThis short film aims to show you how to make New Zealand-style composting bins for your community groups or local food growing projects. Tune-in to your Community Channel for a chance to see how simple these composting bins are to create, and how their construction fits into a small community-based project in the East End of London.

At the Berner Estate in Tower Hamlets, a community garden project is receiving help from the Women’s Environment Network (WEN) to create community compost bins. The gardens were created using organic soils for local women to grow fresh fruit and vegetables, and now a team from WEN have come to help them construct a series of New Zealand-style composting bins within the garden.

Building a Community Compost Bin - Enrica Passafonti from WENEnrica Passafonti from WEN explains the why the organisation is helping this community to compost their household waste: "The women needed compost bins because they were having to buy compost, and of course creating compostable waste in their own homes. We chose a New Zealand-style of box, which is a wooden compost box, and we’re building a series of six because there’s quite a lot of households here so when one bin gets full you can start another one, while that one’s maturing."

This style of composting box was also chosen because they’re attractive looking, practical, easy to construct and WEN managed to get most of the necessary materials free. The wooden slats used were reclaimed material received from a major cable company that would otherwise have to dispose of them.

The WEN team take you through the process of constructing the composting box step-by-step explaining each stage, giving measurements and helpful hints along the way. Once the boxes are complete they give advice on what can and cannot be composted, and the best ways of getting started.

If you are part of a community garden or food growing project, or you’re just interested in building a simple but effective composting box, don’t miss this programme right here on your Community Channel.


Is a federation of local trusts which work to improve the quality of the local environment, the lives of local people and the success of local businesses.
Young People's Trust for the Environment
A charity which aims to encourage young people's understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability.
As a registered charity, Earthwatch engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. It does this in partnership with scientific institutions, companies, education bodies and the general public.
Women’s Environment Network (WEN)
Formed in 1988, WEN represents women and campaigns on issues which link women, environment and health. They take up issues that other environmental groups don't or won't, especially those concerning women's health and reproductive systems. They believe a precautionary approach is healthiest for people and the planet.

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