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How do you think the situation and experience of asylum seekers and refugees could be better understood by the general public?
By getting better press coverage
By the government heavily promoting their contribution to society
By celebrities and footballers supporting campaigns such as Refugee Week
I think there is enough awareness already
We've got community and charity films from throughout the UK and the world. Plus you can watch all your favourite social action films from all of Britain's main broadcasters.
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46664: The Message

23rd April 2004

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Beyonce and Jacqui at 46664Go behind the scenes and meet the stars of the 46664 concert.

The list of artists who took part in the concert staggering. Beyonce, Roger Taylor and Brian May, Paul Oakenfold, Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Bono and the Edge, Jimmy Cliff, the Corrs, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Ms Dynamite and Anastacia; the names seem endless.

There are also films by Sir Ian "Gandalf" McKellen, Jesse Jackson, Robert de Niro and Dave Stewart, urging people to donate their time and money to finding a cure for HIV/Aids, and to support the sufferers of the disease.

Jacqui Joseph, the Community Channel's lovely Action! presenter, was on hand in South Africa to interview some of the biggest names in the music industry for the Community Channel. See Jacqui's photos from the event.

Learn why the artists took part, and why they think the African Aids crisis is something that the whole world must fight.

46664: the Message features interviews with Beyonce, Bono, Annie Lennox Roger Taylor, Bob Geldof, Paul Oakenfold, Ms Dynamite, Dave Stewart, Anastacia, Peter Gabriel and more.

Nelson Mandela launched the 46664 campaign - named after his prison number - to mobilise governments to declare Aids an emergency and to provide anti-retroviral drugs.

46664 is aiming to raise millions of pounds for Aids research. And to give you a bit more incentive to donate, Queen are making their back catalogue available on the internet, with royalties going to Aids research.


Is an international HIV and AIDS charity based in the UK which runs overseas projects to help communities in countries where there is a high rate of HIV/Aids infection or where there is a rapidly increasing rate of infection.
Terrence Higgins Trust
Mission is to reduce the spread of HIV/Aids and promote good sexual health. Provides services to improve the quality of life for those affected by the disease and campaigns for greater public understanding of the personal, social, and medical impact of HIV/Aids.
National Aids Trust
Works in the UK and internationally for policies that will prevent HIV transmission, improve access to treatment, challenge HIV stigma and discrimination and secure the political leadership to effectively fight AIDS.
World Aids Day
Live and let live is the slogan of the two-year World AIDS Campaign 2002-2003, which will focus on eliminating stigma and discrimination. The campaign is co-ordinated by the United Nations joint programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).
UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS
The third largest HIV charity in the country and the largest governed entirely by people living with the virus. Also runs an award-winning HIV and sexual health magazine and Positive Peer Advice, which provides confidential welfare benefits by phone.
Nelson Mandela launched the 46664 campaign - named after his prison number - to mobilise governments to declare Aids an emergency and to provide anti-retroviral drugs.

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