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Now that fairtrade footballs are available do you think that FIFA should become ethically aware and use them in this year’s World Cup?
Of course, it’s all our duties to do what we can
No, fairtrade doesn't matter in football
Can’t think, too much fairtrade beer
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Organisations in Alphabetical Order

A Picture of Britain - BBC Website
Website created to complement the BBC series. Contains information about programmes, advice on shooting the perfect picture and competitions.
Exists to maker older people's lives easier and more fulfilling. Since 1956 Abbeyfield volunteers have been providing care homes, sheltered housing, support and companionship to older people in their local communities.
Ability Sports Association
A registered charity which provides professionally coached sporting activities for disabled and disadvantaged children and adults in the West of England. ASA provides opportunities to develop clubs, festivals, tournaments, summer schools, leagues and cup competitions, catering for a variety of adapted disability sports. Currently ASA has six affiliated multi-sports clubs based in Almondsbury, Bath, South Bristol, St Paul’s Bristol, Stroud and Weston.
Action Against Hunger - Iran Appeal
Appealing for money to send food and water to the survivors of the Iranian earthquake.
Action Aid
ActionAid work to help over nine million of the world's poorest people. They want to see a world without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity. The charity works with poor and marginalised people to eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that cause it. They work with poor local communities, national governments and international organisations and hope to bring about real change to the lives of poor people.
Action on Elder Abuse
Works to prevent the abuse of older people by raising awareness of elderly people at risk and those at risk of abusing, encouraging education and promoting research.
Action with Communities in Rural England
ACRE is the national association of Rural Community Councils, who support voluntary services in the countryside.
Based at Hindleap Warren in East Sussex, Activenture works with children of all ages and runs week and weekend workshops in outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, swimming and canoeing.
Offers emotional and practical support to families affected by drug and alcohol addiction.
Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
Government organisation comprising 35 members which reviews the misuse of illegal drugs and harmful impact on society.
Over a million children and young people in the UK have a speech, language or communication impairment. That’s enough for two in every classroom across the country.

These hidden impairments can devastate the lives of those affected and their families. Afasic is the only charity focused entirely on working to ensure they know how to get the support and help they need.
African Aids Action
African Aids Action is a registered UK charity that aims to establish a not-for-profit anti-retroviral production facility in Africa. By producing the life saving triple therapy treatment in Africa we aim to make it affordable and accessible to 7.5 million HIV+ Africans.
African Caribbean Positive Image Foundation (Acpif)
The foundation was formed to promote a vehicle for the celebration of achievements of African Caribbean people. This is to provide positive role models for young people, to create a platform to highlight the contributions of unsung heroes and heroines within the community. Acpif provides bursaries for creative skills, arts and culture.
African Conservation Expeditions
They helped to organise the Namibia Challenge trip for disabled and disadvantaged young people.
African Dream
This organisation is an umbrella to other charities/organisations. Open Africa is a registered not-for-gain organisation. It is part of the Africa Dream organisation and it's patron is Nelson Mandela. It was established in 1995 with the aim of combining tourism, job creation and conservation which resulted in the concept of the Open Africa project and Afrikatourism - which is a based on Africa's strengths and needs - from the Cape to Cairo.
African Youth Alliance (AYA)
The project involves young Africans in Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana who work with their peers to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
Is a children's rights charity which works to relieve the need, sickness and distress caused by deepening poverty and limited access to water, sanitation, electricity and basic health care through education.
Against Breast Cancer
Against Breast Cancer is a charitable organisation that funds research work into the causes of breast cancer. The research team has a unique approach to breast cancer in that it looks at the whole woman; her tumour, her response to the tumour and her environment. They are also actively recruiting women to take part in their prospective Diet and Lifestyle Study. The research actually works with women who already have breast cancer, finding ways to maximise their survival.
Against Breast Cancer
Against Breast Cancer is a charitable organisation that funds research work into the causes of breast cancer. The research team has a unique approach to breast cancer in that it looks at the whole woman; her tumour, her response to the tumour and her environment.
Age Concern
There are 1,400 local Age Concern organisations in the UK. Volunteers provide community based activities such as lunch clubs, day centres and home visiting. Volunteering opportunities include driving, sales, writing, cooking, garden, visiting, fundraising and DIY.
Age Exchange
Aims to improve the quality of life for older people by emphasising the value of their memories to old and young, through pioneering artistic, educational, and welfare activities.
Ahoy Centre
A sailing and rowing charity based on the Thames at Deptford.
Aid for India
Aims to collect donations for the relief of poverty, advancement of the Buddhist religion and other charitable purposes anywhere in the world, specifically in India.
Offers understanding and support for families and friends of problem drinkers, whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not.
Alaska Sea Grant Program
The Alaska Sea Grant College Program is a marine research, public outreach, and education program located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Sea Grant programs sponsor ocean and coastal research aimed at finding new ways to wisely use and conserve coastal and marine resources and mitigate the effects of coastal and marine hazards.
Albert Kennedy Trust
A registered charity which aims to improve attitudes towards lesbian and gay young people; to promote greater understanding of lesbian and gay young people wherever they live; and to provide caring homes for lesbian and gay young people who would otherwise be homeless or in a hostile environment. The Trust was set up in memory of a young runaway who fell to his death from the top of a car park whilst trying to escape a car load of queerbashers.
Alcohol Concern
The national agency on alcohol misuse. Works to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm and to increase the range and quality of services available to people with alcohol-related problems. They provide information and encourage debate on the wide range of public policy issues affected by alcohol; including public health, housing, children and families, crime and licensing. Also support specialist and non-specialist service providers helping to tackle alcohol problems at a local level, whilst also working to influence national alcohol policy.
Alcoholics Anonymous

A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
The Trust’s vision is to lead world class healthcare for children and young people by committing to excellence through partnership, research, innovation and learning. They maintain and build on their reputation of being at the forefront of paediatric healthcare.
Allergy UK
The national medical charity established to increase understanding and awareness of allergy, to help people manage their allergies, to raise funds for allergy research and to provide training in allergy for health care professionals. They provide information, advice and support on most allergies and chemical sensitivity.
Alzheimer’s Society
The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading care and research charity for people with dementia, their families and carers.
Alzheimer's Disease International
Alzheimer's Disease International is the umbrella organisation of Alzheimer associations around the world, which offer support and information to people with dementia and their caregivers.
Alzheimers Research Trust
As well as funding vital research, The Alzheimer's Research Trust provides information on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, and the drugs currently available in the UK.
Amateur Swimming Association
The English national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water and synchronised swimming. It organises competitions throughout England, establishes the laws of the sport and operates comprehensive certification and education programmes for teachers, coaches and officials as well as its renowned Learn To Swim Awards scheme. The ASA supports 1,600 affiliated swimming clubs through a National/Regional/County structure. The ASA aims to ensure everybody has an opportunity to learn to swim.
Amedume Films
Amedume Films was set-up in 1999 and aims to make shorts, feature films, documentaries, music videos and creative material that generally doesn't get made in the UK. They aim to produce products that will push the boundaries and stretch peoples thinking processes whilst meeting the demands and requests of a wide target audience with a professional outlook, ambition, creative ideas and interesting visual style. They also nurture new talent, encourage diversity and originality as much as possible. Julius Amedume is the founder of the company.
Encourages intercultural exploration and understanding through community-driven service-learning courses and volunteer programs. For example, Amizade constructed a multi-purpose community park in Hervey Bay, Australia. Volunteers also cooperated with Aborigines to build a needed building at the Korrawinga Community Farm.
Amnesty International
A worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognised human rights.
Animal Aid
The UK's largest animal rights group and one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977. Campaigns against all forms of animal abuse and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle.
Animal Allies
Brought to you by MercuryMedia International and Storyteller Productions the Animal Allies website allows you to join the vets, volunteers and pet owners who are out there making a difference.
Anna Paterson
Anna lived for 14 years with chronic anorexia. She has written three books on the subject and has her own website which has information, advice and help for anyone who is affected by eating disorders.
Anthony Nolan Trust
The UK's largest stem cell register to help people with leukemia needing stem cell/bone marrow transplants.
Anti-Slavery International
Founded in 1839, is the world's oldest international human rights organisation and the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery and related abuses.
Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA)
The Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA) was established in 1988 and registered as a non-profit organisation in Israel in 1990. Their mandate is the protection and promotion of international human-rights standards of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel.
Architectural Heritage Fund
The Architectural Heritage Fund is a registered charity founded and promotes the conservation of historic buildings in the UK. It does this by providing advice, information and financial assistance in the form of grants and low interest loans for projects undertaken by building preservation trusts (BPTs) and other charities throughout the UK. They recently provided valuable assistance in the making of the Community Channel's 'Restoration: You Make It Happen' by suggesting some great projects and locations for filming.
Archway Project
The Archway Project in Thamesmead, South East London is a registered charity and was formed in 1982 as a voluntary organisation to work with young people. It works with teenagers from across the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley and specifically targets those most disaffected by society in general. This would include young people in care, those excluded from school and young people involved in the Youth Justice system.
Army Cadet Force
Offers challenging and adventurous activities to young people, aged 13 to 18. It has more than 8,000 volunteer leaders who support over 50,000 cadets at 1,700 units across the UK. It needs more volunteer leaders who have an affinity with young people and are willing to share their skills.
Arthritis Care
A charity and voluntary organisation that provides information and support for all types of arthritis.
Arts Council
Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts. They help to create opportunities for people throughout the country and their vision is to promote the arts at the heart of national life, reflecting England’s rich and diverse cultural identity.
Asian People with Disabilities Alliance
To provide needs and culturally appropriate services for Asian people that the mainstream service providers are unable to provide. This can be due to less or no expertise in culturally related matter's of Asian disabled people and their carers and families.
Ask 4 Help
Is an online UK-based community tackling anything from noise and environmental nuisance, housing problems, mediation and dispute resolution, home & garden improvements to family matters, interests and activities. They welcome visitors from around the world and their aim is to "help you to help yourself".
Works with people with spinal cord injuries.
Aspire is Ireland's equivalent of the National Autistic Society (it is the Asperger Syndrome Association of Ireland). It was set up by a group of parents in 1995 to provide support to those families affected by Asperger Syndrome and to encourage research into the condition.
Association of Charity Shops
Is dedicated to supporting charities who run shops as part of their fundraising activities. By pooling expertise and joining forces to promote common interests, they help members to operate their shops as effectively as possible - including helping to recruit volunteers. You can find your nearest charity shop that needs help by visiting their website and typing in your postcode.
Association of Childrens Hospices
Is the national voice for children's hospice services, and through them the children and families who use them. ACH works together with other organisations to support the development of best practice and provision of children's hospice services across the UK.
Association of Children�s Hospices
Is an umbrella organisation bringing together more than 40 charities and voluntary groups dedicated to the care of children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and their families.
Association of Lighthouse Keepers
Formed in 1988 by a group of serving and retired keepers, with the aim of maintaining contact between its members and enthusiasts throughout the world who share an interest in lighthouses and other coastal and inland aids to navigation.
Asylum Aid
Provides free legal advice and representation to refugees and asylum-seekers wanting safety from persecution in the UK and campaigns for their fair treatment while in this country.
Is a Glasgow-based multi-media production company. It works with a number of different production talent, directors and writers on a range of projects from a film about policing a more multicultural Scotland to documentaries about conflicts around the world.
Is an international HIV and AIDS charity based in the UK which runs overseas projects to help communities in countries where there is a high rate of HIV/Aids infection or where there is a rapidly increasing rate of infection.
Awards for Young Musicians
Was established to give musically gifted children, aged between five and 18, an opportunity to realise their full potential without worrying about the financial circumstances of their parents or guardians.
Established in 1998, Axiom Films is an integrated film company, which brings together all the company’s film related activities – the production of feature films in which Axiom also invests, their theatrical, video and television distribution in the UK, and their international sales. The company also produces documentary films as features and for television.
B'TSELEM means 'in the image of' in Hebrew and is the Israeli Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. It endeavors to document and educate the Israeli public and policymakers about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories, combat the phenomenon of denial prevalent among the Israeli public, and help create a human rights culture in Israel.
BAAF Adoption & Fostering
Speaks out on behalf of looked-after children, promotes greater public understanding of adoption and fostering and provides much-needed information and advice.
Bam Earthquake Appeal
A Sheffield woman who was caught up in the Iranian earthquake has set up her own appeal to help the survivors.
Barlborough Education School Trust
Old school that was turned into a brand new community centre in just five days for the ITV series 'With a Little Help From My Friends' by Paul Burrell, friends and local people.
Works to help disadvantaged children and those living in poverty. It also offers advice and information to foster and adoptive parents and those interested in adopting or fostering a child.
Barretstown Gang Camp Fund Ltd
Barretstown provide psycho-social support for children diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses through an innovative residential camping programme of Therapeutic Recreation. Each year they welcome up to 1,400 seriously ill children and family members from Ireland, Britain and throughout Europe.
Base 25
Based in Wolverhampton, it offers young people up to the age of 25 information on healthcare, housing, benefits, jobs, training and leisure activities. They also offer a mobile phone based text advice service.
Basketball Association of Wales
Find out all you need to help you start playing, improve your skills or build on your current basketball programme.
Basketball Scotland
All about basketball in Scotland. Buy merchandise, find where your nearest court is, sign up for hoopmail, plus much more.
Bat Conservation Trust
Works for the conservation of bats and their habitats in the UK through its network of 90 voluntary bat groups and actively campaigns for stronger measures to protect bats. It also runs a bat monitoring programme to assess numbers and a helpline offering support and advice to people with concerns and queries.
BBC Homeground
Find out more about these personal and inspirational stories from the BBC's Homeground website.
BBC Neighbourhood Gardener
Become a BBC Neighbourhood Gardener. Learn more about horticulture, help your local community, make new friends and share your gardening knowledge.
BBC Taking Care
A major new season across the BBC which is exploring a different kind of childhood for kids who grow up in care.
BBC Talent
Is looking for people with raw talent. Have you got what it takes? No formal qualifications are required and training is provided. Visit the website for details.
BBC Telling Lives Project
Digital Storytelling is part of the BBC's 'Telling Lives' project and gives people access to technology to create their digital story in their own words, using a video camera and their personal photo album. Digital films are short films made using computers and personal photographs. Topics can range from love and your hopes for the future to a piece of history such as the Second World War.
BBC Webwise
Is the BBC's guide to being more web wise. It contains useful tips and advice on all things connected with the internet. You can also ask web questions to a team of experts or find your nearest webwise training centre.
BBC's Restoration
Across the UK, thousands of historic buildings are in danger of being lost to the nation forever. This BBC TWO series sees Griff Rhys Jones ask viewers to vote for and help save one of our 21 most endangered buildings.
Beacon Fellowship
A charitable scheme set up to recognise exceptional philanthropic acts by individuals (giving of time, leadership, money, skills and ideas).
Beating Bowel Cancer
A national charity working to increase the awareness of symptoms, promote early diagnosis and encourage open access to treatment choice for those affected by bowel cancer.
Bein' Bri-ish Movies
9 Calabria Road, London N5 1JB
Big Issue
The Big Issue is now an international movement, providing opportunities for people facing homelessness to help themselves. At the centre of this work is The Big Issue Magazine - a news & current affairs magazine written by professional journalists and sold on the streets by vendors looking to overcome the crises surrounding homelessness.
Big Lottery Fund
Big Lottery Fund was created by merging the New Opportunities Fund and the Community Fund. It hands out half the money for good causes from the National Lottery. They provide small grants for local groups and funding for big projects. They hope to enable people to make real improvements to the lives of disadvantaged people and the well-being of communities, through fair and open funding of people, projects and programmes. Each region has it's own funding office.
Biodynamic Agricultural Association
Founded on a holistic and spiritual understanding of nature and the human being's role within it, Biodynamic Agriculture builds on more than 75 years of world wide farming experience. At its heart is the idea of the farm as a self-contained evolving organism in which external inputs are kept to a minimum.
Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (BCAT)
The Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies is an innovative charity, which
was set up in 1993 to provide an accessible arts therapies service throughout the Midlands. The therapies they offer include arts therapy, dance movement therapy, drama therapy and music therapy.
Birmingham Focus on Blindness
Their aim is to enable those with sight impairment to lead full and independent lives and hope that this support helps enhance the quality of their lives.
Birmingham Settlement
The Birmingham Settlement provides information and practical assistance on money advice, enabling people to see a way through what are often stressful and embarrassing times. Volunteers have raised thousands of pounds through organising events throughout Birmingham – from organising a strawberry tea to organising a Ball.
Black Arts Production Theatre
BAP Theatre works to tackle tough social issues through theatre and drama workshops. The company needs volunteers to help with stage management, writers, producers and directors to develop new material.
Black History Month web site
An independent site dedicated to the celebration of Black History Month, regularly updated with arts and cultural events running throughout the year.
Black Information Link/1990 Trust
This is an independent, community-interactive site for justice, equality, anti-racism and social inclusion.
Black London Forum - Operation Blunt
A proactive organisation, which seeks to advance the economic, cultural and social well being of Black and Ethnic Minority Londoners. Find out more about the Metropolitan Police's Operation Blunt Campaign to reduce the number of knives.
Black Presence in Britain
A website dedicated to black history in Britain, includes famous faces, ordinary people, the UK's slave history and the first black people in Britain.
Is run by the BBC and aims to inspire 13 to 19 year olds by giving them the chance to explore creativity in art, dance, film, music and writing, and to develop new ideas and skills.
The premature baby charity works to ensure babies born too small, too early or too sick to cope on their own have the special attention they need from appropriate medical and nursing care. It also provides support and advice to parents and families.
Blue Elephant Theatre
Established in 1999, the Blue Elephant Theatre is a vibrant arts venue located in the heart of Southwark’s thriving artistic community.
Blythswood Care
Aid is collected from depots across the UK and trucked to Romania and neighbouring countries. In addition to supporting projects run by individuals and other groups Blythswood Care has its own projects, including a new purpose-built centre in the Romanian city of Cluj which will provide a home for street children.
BODY – British Organ Donor Society
BODY’s aims are to relieve sickness and protect health by: a/ promoting the carrying of Donor Cards and in particular multi-organ Donor Cards and
b/ acting as a help and support group for Donor and Recipient families.
A UK charity supporting children, teenagers, women, heterosexual men and their families who are living with or closely affected by HIV and AIDS.
Bognor Film Productions
Produces films in and around the Bognor Regis area, whilst offering services to local business groups, charities and community progjects and educational institutes. They made 'Someone in Particular' and also run workshops.
Bootstrap Productions
Make documentaries, develop innovative television programme formats and they also make corporate videos.
Born Free Foundation
International wildlife charity working to prevent animal cruelty.
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)
BIRT is Europe’s largest independent provider of brain injury rehabilitation services. They offer a wide range of specialist services to around 400 people with an acquired brain injury including: Intensive rehabilitation, Long-term rehabilitation and Community support.
Addressing the Challenges Faced as a Result of Brain Haemorrhage or Brain injury for Sufferers Families and Carers
Brainwave, based in Bridgewater, offers a highly innovative and effective form of rehabilitation for children with brain injured. they especially offer help for children with special needs who, in some cases, may have been 'written off' as virtually beyond help. Through simple exercise programmes, practised on a regular daily basis at home, remarkable transformations in physical and cognitive states are being achieved. Success is never guaranteed but there are many stories of children throughout the UK making outstanding progress.
A road safety charity dedicated to stopping deaths and injuries on roads through awareness-raising campaigns, including Road Safety Week and educational resources including leaflets, posters and advertisements. It also cares for people bereaved and injured on the road.
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breakthrough Breast Cancer is the UK's leading breast cancer charity and is committed to fighting breast cancer through research and awareness. Their aims are to initiate and support research, find methods of prevention and develop new treatments.
Breast Cancer Campaign
The aim of Breast Cancer Campaign is to research the cure. They aim to do this by funding research, which looks at improving diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, better understanding of how it develops and ultimately either curing the disease or preventing it.
Breast Cancer Care
Is the UK's leading provider of information, practical assistance and emotional support for anyone affected by breast cancer. They help over one million people with breast cancer or breast health concerns and their services are free.
Brent Quest
Brent Quest is an employment service for people with mental health problems who wish to return to work, training or education.
Bridport Arts Centre
Based in the heart of the West Dorset market town of Bridport, the historic venue has a 200-seat theatre, three gallery spaces plus a café and bar.
Bristol Drugs Project
Their aims include to prevent substance related harm and to promote positive change within communities, and for carers and individuals by working with individuals to control and end their drug use and by encouraging other organisations and communities to achieve this.
BritBus Tour
The official website to accompany the tour. The BritBus Tour will travel across the USA to try and make British music 'great' again from March 2005. You can keep up-to-date with the latest bands taking part and behind the scenes access and competitions.
British Aikido Association
The sport's UK governing body which is a member of the international Aikido Network. Aikido classes are run throughout the UK.
British Colostomy Association
The British Colostomy Association site provides information, support and links.
British Council
The British Council is the UK's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Their purpose is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK’s creative ideas and achievements. The website contains contact details for cities in the UK and abroad.
British Council for Disabled People
Was set up by disabled people in 1981 to promote their full equality and participation in society. It now represents 126 groups run by disabled people across the country.
British Deaf Association
The UK's largest national organisation run by Deaf people, for Deaf people.
British Dyslexia Association
The BDA is the voice of dyslexic people. They aim to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society and promotes early identification and support in schools to ensure opportunity to learn for dyslexic learners. They also represent the needs of dyslexic people at school, in higher education and at work.
British Heart Foundation
For more than 40 years, the British Heart Foundation has been at the forefront of the fight against heart disease - funding research, education, care and much more.
British Museum
Enjoy a season of Africa at the British Museum, including the BBC Ground Force's Africa Garden, open until September 5th for visitors to make connections between African plants and the cultures they come from.
British Red Cross
Gives skilled and impartial care to people in need and crisis. Volunteer roles range from working alongside the emergency services to providing assistance for sick and disabled people.
British Red Cross Iran Earthquake Appeal
Aiming to raise £500,000 in the UK to help fund the Red Cross and the Red Crescent workers in Bam.
British Skin Foundation
A registered charity that raises money for skin disease research.
British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association
Website designed to help people who suffer from snoring and sleep apnoea disorders.
British Sports Trust
Works to help people discover their potential and provides an opportunity to share those abilities with others. You don't need to be a sports super star to get involved – just have some get up and go and an interest in helping others.
British Standards Institute
Is responsible for testing new products to ensure they meet British safety standards.
British Surfing Association
Surf news and reports, weather information, message board, chat room, and surfing postcards.
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
It needs volunteers to help run practical conservation projects across the UK.
British Trust for Ornithology
An independent, scientific research trust, investigating the populations, movements and ecology of wild birds in the British Isles. Their speciality is the design and implementation of volunteer wild bird surveys.
BT's Hoax Calls Education Programme
A dedicated web site was created in association with BT's Education Programme, the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance Service, to provide lesson plans and teaching aids for schools to try to raise awareness amongst 10 - 11 year olds about hoax calls.
You can be a green-fingered volunteer with BTCV, the UK’s largest practical conservation charity. Founded in 1959, they help over 130,000 volunteers take hands-on action each year to improve the rural and urban environment.
Bullying Online
A registered charity that offers help and advice for victims of bullying.
Burn Hand Film Productions
Burn Hand Film Productions was set up in 2001 to help showcase young directors, producers, writers, actors and crews - especially those who did not go to film/drama school. They help to create exciting and professional short and feature length films. With all the profit the company makes going back in to the company’s next projects, Burn Hand Film Productions can only expect to get bigger and more exciting.
Business Dynamics
Is a business education and enterprise charity that aims to bring business to life for young people. Volunteers from companies introduce students, aged 14 to 19 years, to the opportunities and challenges of business as well as improving their key skills in preparation for the world of work.
Business in the Community
BITC is a unique movement of over 700 of the UK's top companies whose purpose is to inspire, challenge, engage and support business in continually improving its positive impact on society.
Butlins Swimathon
The annual Butlins Swimathon is the world’s largest swimming fundraiser, and takes place each year in March. In 2005, the swimathon will take place between March 19-27. Simply get your friends and family to sponsor you and register at the web address below or call 0845 36 700 36. You could turn your miles into smiles as every penny you raise goes to NCH - the children's charity and The Swimathon Foundation.
Butterfly Conservation
Butterfly Conservation's purpose is to secure a lasting future for all native butterflies, moths and their habitats within the UK. Their ultimate goal is to help restore a balanced countryside with butterflies and other wildlife restored to the profusion that they, and we, once enjoyed
C Media Productions
C Media Productions is a leading Yorkshire-based digital media organisation, which specialises in the production of creative people based media through a vast arrays of platforms - from digital drama and documentary to animation and web design. They work with people of all ages on projects addressing issues such as regeneration, crime, health, heritage and family relationships. We use video and digital media to engage groups and individuals in creative activity, empowering them to tell their own stories, whilst learning and sharing new skills.
CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. It is the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. CAFOD has been fighting poverty in developing countries since 1962. It believes that all human beings have a right to dignity and respect, and that the world's resources are a gift to be shared equally by all men and women, whatever their race, nationality or religion.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations.
Campaign to Protect Rural England - CPRE
Is a charity that cares passionately about our countryside and campaign for it to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of everyone. There are branches in every county.
Campaign to Protect Rural England
Exists to promote the beauty and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.
Camps International Limited
CAMPS International organise month-long to year-long overseas opportunities for volunteers of all ages to help communities across Africa.
Cancer Research UK
Funds research into finding a cure for different cancers.
Provides information and support for up to 50,000 cancer patients and their families by telephone, letter and email each year. It also produces booklets and factsheets about cancer to help reduce the fear and uncertainty people feel when they are diagnosed.
CARE International UK
CARE is an independent humanitarian organisation working to end world poverty. With programmes in over 72 countries, CARE touches the lives of over 30 million of the world's poorest people. Whether supporting primary health care, promoting sustainable agriculture or developing savings and loan schemes, their programmes promote positive and lasting change and reduce long-term dependency.
Carers UK
Provides information, advice and support to anyone who is a carer. It campaigns for a better deal for carers, by lobbying government and raising awareness with employers, the public and health professionals of the difficulties carers face. It also runs training courses and advises professionals who work with carers.
CareZone is the world's first range of secure online services for children in care. It is run by the Who Cares? Trust, a charity that works to help improve the lives of children in care.
Is a charity offering a range of housing and support services to 3,000 people each year across England. Many of the people who use Carr-Gomm services have a learning disability, mental ill-health, or a physical disability. It has many offices across the country.
Cats Protection
Rescues and re-homes unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens. It finds new homes for 60,000 cats every year. It also runs an assisted neutering and veterinary treatment programme, contributing to the costs of treating cats whose owners are in financial need.
Centre for Innovation and Partnerships
The Centre for Innovation and Partnerships (CIPS) are the driving force behind Newham College's work on social regeneration and the development of new forms of vocational training and distance learning. We are investing in local people and providing Newham’s growing businesses with skilled workers so that they can compete in today's marketplace and contribute to local regeneration.
Works to improve the lives of 16 to 25 year olds who are homeless or at risk because they do not have a safe place to stay. Its services help young people address their personal, social, educational and vocational needs, and provides accommodation for about 500 young people each night.
Chalkhill Lives
Chalkhill Lives is a pioneering Television Soap Opera Drama School. It is based in Portsmouth and provides training and hands-on practical experience in both screen-acting and behind the scenes television production techniques.
Channel Seven
Channel Seven has been broadcasting to the people of North and North East Lincs since 1998, producing a wide variety of programming for and with members of the local community on the NTL Digital platform as well as analogue.
Charity Commission
Regulates charities in England and Wales and ensures they work effectively. It also helps charities modernise and offers advice and information about setting up and registering a new charity.
Charter 88
An independent all-party campaign for constitutional reform in the UK.
Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
Holds regular clinics at venues across the UK giving free basic advice to inventors who are at the early stages of developing an idea.
Cheap Date Magazine
Magazine set up by Kira Jolliffe and stylist Bay Garnett.
Chernobyl Charities
Supports the victims of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The website contains useful links to UK-based charities that are working with the people and especially children who are still suffering the after-effects of this disaster.
Chernobyl Children Lifeline
Charity set up to bring child victims of the Chernobyl disaster to the UK for recuperative breaks of 1 month - over 39,000 have been brought over to stay with host families since 1992. The charity also has links with the city and provides regular medical aid.
Chicken Shed Theatre Company
A registered charity which integrates children with special needs into community theatre and music. It began life in 1974 and has grown to be hugely successful worldwide and operates Europe's largest Children's and Youth Theatre Company. Each week, 1,000 people come through the doors of the theatre in North London and enjoy the Chicken Shed experience.
Child Accident Prevention Trust
Child Safety Week is an annual initiative of the trust, aiming to increase the understanding and awareness of children's accidents and their prevention.
Child Poverty Action Group
CPAG promotes action for the relief, directly or indirectly, of poverty among children and families with children. They work to ensure that those on low incomes get their full entitlement to welfare benefits and also campaign for the rights of low-income families. the injustice of poverty.
Child To Child Trust
Has a mission to improve and promote the health of communities worldwide by encouraging and supporting a partnership between children and health and education authorities. It aims to enable children to play an active and responsible role in the health care and development of themselves, other children and their families.
If you are being bullied, or know someone who is, then call the helpline.
Children in Distress
Provides love and care for children living with HIV, Aids or other incurable illnesses.
Children In Need
BBC Children in Need started in 1980, and has raised more than £325 million. Every penny has been used to improve the lives of British children who have experienced problems or hardships, such as abuse, serious illness and poverty.
Children with Leukaemia
Take part in the 2004 Children's Marathon Challenge. Children get sponsored to undertake a challenge related to the number 26, for example, singing 26 songs, doing 26 jumps. The aim is to raise £3 million to fund research into childhood leukaemia.
Children with Leukaemia
Is a national charity dedicated to conquering childhood leukaemia through research into the causes of the disease, improving treatments for sufferers and the welfare of leukaemic children and their families.
Children's Express
The aim of Children's Express is to bring the voice of young people to a wide audience. Through their work with young people they help on matters including: confidence and self-esteem, literacy and academic performance and social skills and independence.
Children's Play Council
Is a campaigning and research organisation, promoting children’s policy development in England. This includes play associations and networks, playwork training organisations, local play services and national children's charities.
Children's Society Youngs Carers Initiative
The Children's Society has provided a link on its website for young carers, their family and those who work to support them across the UK. It can provide information on young carers' local groups around the country, advice and helplines.
Children's Vaccine Program
In 1998, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) launched the Children’s Vaccine Program (CVP) with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The mission of CVP is to promote equal access to new and lifesaving vaccines worldwide.
Chinese Mental Health Association
Chinese Mental Health Association is a registered charity dedicated to serving the Chinese community in the UK. The Association is actively involved in providing direct services, increasing mental health awareness, representing Chinese mental health issues in public forum and raising its profile in our own community.
Christian Aid
An agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland which works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of religion.
Chulmleigh Old Fair Committee
Chulmleigh Old Fair (in Devon) has taken place every year since King Henry III granted a Royal Charter to the Town in 1253. Even during the darkest days of two world wars Chulmleigh managed to maintain this histroic event. Chulmleigh Old Fair is an entirely community-run event, with any profits used to keep admission charges to a minimum and to provide the generous money prizes which are awarded to those taking part. Most events are FREE. A Heritage Lottery grant is enabling the creation of an archive to record the history of this ancient Fair.
CHYPS - City & Hackney Young People’s Services
Offer free and confidential counselling, advice and information for young people about sexual health. Their services also include support for families and a drop-in service.
Circus Arts Forum
The forum was set up by a working group of people with a professional involvement in circus. The group includes representatives from both the traditional and contemporary circus community; from the major UK promoters and circus training centres; from touring circus companies and community circus schools; from venue-based circuses and other circus arts projects.
Citizenship Foundation
Aims to promote more effective citizenship, particularly among young people, through education about the law, democracy and society.
City & Hackney MIND
City and Hackney's MIND branch
City of Sunderland Council
Sunderland is the UK's fastest growing automotive city, employing nearly 12,000 people in the industry. It's an example of a Social Services Directorate council.
Claire House Children's Hospice
Care for children 0 - 18 years old with life threatening or life limiting conditions and their families from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. They are financed entirely by charitable donations.
Cleethorpe Town's Disability Football Club
Football team for people with disabilities. Although all the players have profound mental and physical disabilities, 2004 saw them being host to the disability football championships.
Cleethorpes Discovery Centre
You’ll find a huge range of activities for all ages at this centre, including an interactive exhibition, guided walks and an observatory where you can enjoy the spectacular views across the estuary. Set in the Lakeside and close to the beach and sand dunes, Cleethorpes Discovery Centre provides the perfect setting for nature walks and boating as well as an opportunity to learn about the Humber Estuary history and industry.
Cleft Lip and Palate Association
Offers support for people with the condition from infancy to adulthood, their families and carers.
Coast - BBC Website
BBC website to complement the 'Coast' series.
Coastguard Maritime Rescue
People volunteer to learn specialised cliff and mud rescue techniques. You can get details of your local centre from your local telephone book, or alternatively, phone the Maritime Coastal Agency information line.
Comic Relief
Was launched in 1985 from a refugee camp in Safawa, Sudan. Since then more than £220m has been raised, primarily through Red Nose Days, for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people across the UK and Africa. Funds are used to support long-term development projects to enable people to help themselves. It also works to tackle the root causes of poverty by raising awareness of what it believes are key causes - unfair international trade laws and Third World debt.
Commission for Racial Equality
The CRE is a publicly funded, independent organisation that exists to tackle racial discrimination.
Commission for Social Care Inspection
The Commission for Social Care Inspection's primary function is to promote improvements in social care. They do this by putting the people who use social care services firmly at the centre of their work. It brings together the inspection, regulation and review of all social care services into one organisation.
Common Fisheries Policy
Explains the background and controversies surrounding the Common Fisheries Policy.
Common Ground
Common Ground aims to inspire, inform and encourage people in the conservation of their own localities, through nature, culture and history
Apple Day on 21st October, is an annual event founded by the environmental charity Common Ground to raise public awareness of the plight of Britain's orchards. The National Trust plays a key role in saving and restoring many of our traditional orchards and is working to recapture some of our apple history and customs by propagating local varieties such as the Green Custard, Keswick Codling and Knobby Russet.
Commonwealth Press Union
Supported the Commonwealth Photographic Awards. It is an association whose members are newspaper groups (some with several hundred newspapers), newspapers and news agencies in 49 countries of the Commonwealth. These are represented with the CPU by their proprietors, publishers or senior executives. Their aims are to uphold the ideas and values of the Commonwealth and to promote, through the press, understanding and goodwill among members of the Commonwealth.
Community Arts Workshop
The Community Arts Workshop works to facilitate, promote and provide arts for everyone, particularly for the disadvantaged, marginalized and misrepresented.

CAW brings creative professionals together with people needing opportunities for creative expression and access to space and equipment.

CAW aims to develop an informed, inclusive, and dynamic image of our community and the world.
Community Foundation
Provides a one-stop solution for those who want their giving to be for the lasting benefit of their local community. Their vision is to help local people do extraordinary things; working with a wide spectrum of organisations and coordinating resources to create positive change.
Community Involvement and Development Unit (CIDU)
CIDU works closely with local groups across Southwark, delivering projects to enable increased participation and involvement of residents, and providing support to local initiatives throughout the borough.
Community Leisure Services Ltd
Aims to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for the general public, in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving their conditions of life.
Community Service Volunteers
Works to reconnect people to their communities through volunteering and training. It has thousands of volunteering opportunities for people wanting to give time.
Community TV Trust
The Community TV Trust aims to promote the use of media and new media in local communities. CTVT believes that beneficial self esteem and general personal empowerment come from participating in local media making. Enhancement of cross-cultural understanding also results from collaboration in community-focussed ventures.
Community TV Trust
The Community TV Trust is a production company and aims to promote the use of media and new media in local communities. It also provides training and is looking for volunteers. The company set up
Founded in 1968, Concern currently works in 27 countries worldwide: in Africa, Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Caribbean. Our mission is defined as "working for a world where no one lives in fear, poverty or oppression."
Connexions work with young people aged 13-19 years old. They offer information and advice on a variety of topics to help youngsters make decisions and choices in life.
Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) - National Salt Awareness Day
CASH is a group of specialists concerned with salt and its effects on health.
Consumer Credit Counselling Service
Free debt advice for families and individuals. Information about the organisation and how they work.
Contact a Family
Every day more than 75 children are born or diagnosed with a serious disability or rare syndrome in the UK. The majority of them are cared for at home. Contact a Family provides support and advice to parents whatever the medical condition of their child.
Core Arts
Promotes the artistic and creative abilities of people who experience mental health issues and uses the arts to breakdown the prejudices associated with mental health.
Count Me In Calendar
Calendar of charity events and fundraising campaigns, with categories including health, environment, children and youth, overseas development, arts and media, food, society and culture. Religious festivals, national holidays and United Nations initiatives are also included. The Whitbread Group, who sponsor the website, has been actively involved in the community for over 25 years. Throughout they have started, joined, funded or supported a huge range of leading programmes in the charity and education sectors.
Countryside Agency
The statutory body working to conserve and enhance the English countryside and to promote social equity for people living in rural areas.
Countryside Alliance
A campaigning organisation whose purpose is to champion the land and its people.
Countryside Restoration Trust
This charity is dedicated to the protection and restoration of countryside, where quality food is produced using farming methods that encourage wildlife and enable more people to make a living from the land. They educate the public in the conduct of farming and forestry operations in harmony with the preservation, conservation, restoration, maintenance and improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the rural landscape and in particular of agricultural land and woodland.
Create Website
The Create website features online review forums and details about getting involved with the show and further information about the news stories mentioned in each programme.
Creative Living Centre - Manchester
Provides a wide range of choices for people experiencing emotional distress. The charity uses a variety of holistic therapies including reiki, aromatherapy and even samba dancing lessons.
Crimestoppers operates across the UK to help identify, prevent, solve and reduce crime. It enables anyone with details of criminal activity to pass them on anonymously, without fear of exposure or retribution. It's awareness week in September 2004 was based on reducing gun crime.
Works with the most vulnerable solitary homeless people. Offers long-term solutions to help homeless people find alternatives to living on the streets and works to prevent their return.
Croftview Rehoming Kennels
Part of the Retired Greyhound Trust, Croftview Rehoming Kennels in Kent work for the welfare of greyhounds, especially the vast number who retire from racing each year, as well as dogs who have been abandoned or abused.
Was launched to set the case for genetic modification and crop biotechnology, providing information about the issues for consumers.
Crossroads - Caring and Sharing
Crossroads promotes, offers, supports and delivers high quality services for carers and people with care needs. It is committed to treating carers and people with care needs with respect and sensitivity, recognising the dignity and value of each person for whom a service is provided.
Cruse Bereavement Care
Cruse is the leading charity in the U.K. specialising in bereavement. They currently have 178 branches and over 6,300 volunteers throughout the U.K. Over 100,000 people contact Cruse each year for help and information.
Cure Kids
Cure Kids is the face of the Child Health Research Foundation, an organisation established over 30 years ago to address the lack of research into children’s diseases in New Zealand. The Foundation has funded over $NZ10 million into child health research, resulting in significant breakthroughs, including new advances in childhood leukaemia, treatment for hole in the heart blue babies, and internationally successful strategies for cystic fibrosis.
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Funds research towards understanding, treating and curing Cystic Fibrosis. It also aims to ensure that people with CF receive the best possible care and support in all aspects of their lives.
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