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Now that fairtrade footballs are available do you think that FIFA should become ethically aware and use them in this year’s World Cup?
Of course, it’s all our duties to do what we can
No, fairtrade doesn't matter in football
Can’t think, too much fairtrade beer
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Features in Alphabetical Order

A Day in the Life of a Magistrate
Meet the some of the countries most important volunteers – magistrates. We go behind the scenes to discover the people behind the bench.
A Day in the Life of a Magistrate
A Man With A Vision
Looks at the work of TALC - Teaching-aids At Low Cost - and how one man's vision filled a need for health workers in developing countries.
A Man with a Vision
A Matter of Fat
Britain is turning into the land of the fat - this is the story of three people's battle with the bulge.
Obesity is on the increase in Britain
A Safe Place
Professional footballers such as Thierry Henry challenge us to step inside the minds of young asylum seekers.
A Safe Place - Thierry Henry
About My Grandfather, About My Grandmother
Dementia affects adults, but children often watch the decline of a family member. This film recounts the experiences of four children as they watch their grandparent succumb to Alzheimer's Disease.
About My Grandfather, About My Grandmother
Abstract Fantasie
Tune in to see MAD Danger - the latest rap combo to come out of Brixton - performing their brand new track ‘Abstract Fantasie’.
Abstract Fantasie
Across the Lines
Shows the horrors of war thousands of children witnessed at first hand during the 21-year conflict in southern Sudan - and how they are now repairing their shattered lives.
Across the Lines
Meet the real faces of people who suffer from gout; the 30th anniversary of the London Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, and cycling from Nice to Stoke.
Afghanistan: From Ground Zero to Ground Zero
Part of our Community World project. An Afghan-American's personal journey to Afghanistan post September 11th.
masuda in afghanistan
African Dancing Wizard
Meet one of East Africa’s most flamboyant and unique characters. At 80 years-old Christopher Kato is Uganda’s oldest ballroom dancer.
African Dancing Wizard - Christopher Kato
“AfriCANs” is an amazing opportunity to look at the astonishing lives of five different people in a completely different part world.
After Refuge - BIFF 2004
A sixteen-year-old girl recounts her experiences as a refugee fleeing persecution in Afghanistan, and describes her family’s long journey to reach the UK.
After Refuge
Against the Trade Trap
Find out about last year's Global Week of Action for Trade Justice where campaigners had just one message: To Stop Free Trade.
Against the Trade Trap
All Stressed Up
A fun animation that uses its characters to illustrate the madness of office work and the unnecessary pressures inflicted on employees.
All Stressed Up - The Boss
Amedume Films
The Phone Call, The Meeting and The Video Tape are three modern-day films by Julius Amedume which have an added twist to them.
Amedume Films: The Video Tape - Mr Watson
An Artist’s Guide to Schizophrenia
One in 100 people are diagnosed with schizophrenia. Artist Aidan Shingler is one of these people.
An Artist's Guide to Schizophrenia
Artist Aidan Shingler talks about how schizophrenia affects his life and his artwork.
Animal Allies
Ooooh cute, puppy dogs, kittens, koala bears and a flesh eating fish from Turkey.
Artists help fight MS
How one musician used his contacts to make a CD to raise funds for the MS Society on its 50th anniversary.
MS Society
Follow students from Rotherham as they search for an artist-in-residence for their school and design their ideal studio space.
Autism is…
Keith Duffy from Boyzone talks about his experiences of autism as his young daughter has the condition.
Keith Duffy
Beach Lovers
Swanage is a seaside town on the Dorset Coast. Beach Lovers looks at the volunteers who spare their time to keep this beautiful town and beach preserved.
Beach Lovers - Swanage Pier
Beacon Fellowship Prize 2004
The deadline for nominations in the for the Beacon Awards is October 1st. Nominate a person you feel has made an outstanding contribution to charity.
Beacon Fellowship Logo
This film tackles the issue of racism among a group of young people in South East London
Beauty Before Age
This groundbreaking film explores the power of youth and beauty in the gay community.
Beauty Before Age
Bedroom Radio
Follows pirate radio fanatic Gary (aka DJ Allusion) and his girlfriend Yvonne in this compassionate portrait of young people living in a notoriously deprived area of Glasgow.
Bedroom Radio - DJ Allusion
Beggars Belief - BIFF 2004
A short film turning the tables on the scenario of workers in suits abusing, or at best ignoring, beggars and homeless people.
Beggars Belief
Bein' Bri-tish / Bein British
This film explores the culturally diverse make up of Newham community in East London. Young people in Newham discuss what it means to be British to them and the journeys they have made to allow themselves to be called British.
Bein' Bri-tish
Being Breast Aware
Presented by Linda Robson, this film looks at how women (and men) can become more 'breast aware'. Women and men talk openly about their breasts and how they examine them for any signs of cancer.
Being Breast Aware - Presenter Linda Robson
A dark tale about the misadventures of a wayward young man who joins forces with a mysterious young boy dressed in pyjamas...
Berocca - The little boy called 'Berocca'
Better Must Come
Looks at employment issues open to African Caribbean men who have experienced mental health problems.
Better Must Come
Beyond the Ring
We meet Jonno Cooper from Somerset who returned to prize fighting after years of trying to survive as a farmer. The effects of Foot and Mouth and plummeting milk prices forced the Cooper family to survive by other means...
Beyond the Ring
Big Issue Film Festival
For the second year running, the Big Issue Film Festival has proved that Big Issue readers are a creative bunch - and given the opportunity to shine they can burn brighter than Christmas lights.
Biodynamic Man
Discover the amazing world of Biodynamic farming as practised on a unique farm in Kent and meet the army of volunteers who make it all possible.
Biodynamic Man - Alan Brockman
Black History Month
This autumn the Community Channel celebrates Black History Month with a range of films from the Arts Council England’s archive, many of them UK premiers.
‘Blast’ is the BBC's brand new initiative to inspire 13 - 19 year olds to bring their creative ideas to life.
Born To Serve?
There are more than half a million domestic maids currently working in Peru’s capital, Lima. Louise Bonnar's film follows four young women in Peru who leave their villages and families in search for work in the capital.
Born To Serve? film by Louise Bonnar
These four short dramas explore the challenges of growing up. They tackle the difficult subjects of pregnancy, sexuality, sexual abuse and self-harm.
Boundaries - Keria
Dramatised account that takes us into the lives of four young people who lived in the care system.
Boxed - Dramatised film about young people who have been in care
Britain in Bloom
The characters and dramas involved in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom campaign.
Britain in Bloom
Britain's Secret Shame
A series of films from the BBC which focus on the care older people receive - at home, in care homes and in hospital.
Britain's Secret Shame
A beautiful animated film about the hopes and struggles of a young man coming to terms with his mental health problems.
Camps International - Wild at Heart!
A group of energetic young people volunteer to build a school within a small community in Kenya.
Camps International - Wild at Heart! Helping to buid a school in Africa
Carmen goes to School
How some pupils discover the joys of Carmen, and that opera can be enjoyable.
Carmen goes to school
Caste in Half
A sensitive and poignant film looking at the experiences of people born to mixed-race parents.
Caste in Half - David Ruben
Cause and Effect
A dramatised account of family life on an estate where drugs, abuse, underage sex and family arguments all come with consequences.
Cause and Effect - Alfie
Cause Celeb – Autism Special
This week, Keith Duffy, Jane Asher and Christopher Timothy talk about their work and how autism has impacted on their lives.
Jane Asher
Cause Celeb - Lord Brocket
Lord Brocket from 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' talks about his fundraising work for his favourite charity - the Sargent Cancer Care charity which helps children and young people diagnosed with cancer.
Cause Celeb - Lord Brocket talks about the Sargent Cancer Care charity
Cause Celeb - Richard Blackwood
In this special edition of Cause Celeb to mark World AIDS Day, presenter Richard Blackwood calls for everyone to find out more about HIV and help the stigma that is still associated with it.
Cause Celeb: Alexei Sayle
Author and comedian Alexei Sayle takes us to London's Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park where he has volunteered on/off for the last few years.
Cause Celeb: Alexei Sayle
Cause Celeb: Anthony Head
Anthony Head, star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Little Britain, gave up a day to volunteer for the Riding for the Disabled charity.
Cause Celeb: Anthony Head and the Riding School for the Disabled
Cause Celeb: Anton Mosimann
Celebrity Chef Anton Mosimann took time out from his busy restaurant, Mosimann’s, to volunteer his time at Cato’s Cooking Club in Alton, Hampshire, which was set up by 14-year-old Cato Heath.
Cause Celeb: Anton Mosimann
Cause Celeb: Handy Andy
Changing Rooms handyman Handy Andy took time out from his busy schedule to do some volunteering on-board the SS Robin in London's Docklands, the world's oldest complete steamship.
Cause Celeb: Handy Andy (Andy Kane volunteers on a ship)
Cause Celeb: Matthew Kelly
TV presenter Matthew Kelly talks about being the President of the NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC) based in Winsford, Cheshire - an organisation close to his heart.
Cause Celeb - Matthew Kelly talks about the NeuroMuscular Centre in Cheshire
Cause Celeb: Salt of the Earth
See how a UK-based charity and an Indian charity are helping the rural people of Tamil Nadu in southern India build better lives for themselves.
Salt of the Earth - Girl
Challenge Africa
One man's passion to journey to some of the world's most inhospitible to eliminate malaria.
Charity Champions - Episode 1
BBC stories of outstanding charities and individuals working for causes across the UK are showcased in this new series.
Charity Champions
Charity Champions - Episode 2
BBC stories of outstanding charities and individuals working for causes across the UK are showcased in this new series. This programme takes a special look at rural pensioners - and the isolation they often feel.
Charity Champions - Episode 2: Dale
Charity Champions - Episode 3
This special programme in the six-part series takes a closer look at people who have left their homes in the UK to help people in desperate need overseas. You'll hear from stories from Central America, Russia and the Sudan.
Charity Champions - Episode 3: Zaid Al Rawni
Charity Champions - Episode 4
This episode of the series looks at the stories and personalities behind the nation’s countless charities.
Charity Champions - Episode 4: Ethan
Charity Champions - Episode 5
This special programme in the series focuses on young people and the problems they facing. We find out more about the charities that help youngsters and young adults across the country.
Charity Champions - Episode 5: Emade from Nigeria
Charity Champions - Episode 6
In the last of this series Sarah Falkland presents stories of true 'charity champions' - including a one woman fund-raiser who raised £3million and a small charity helping sleepless parents.
Charity Champions - Episode 6: Heidi
Charity Chic - Episode 1-4
Amy Lamé hosts a new series showing you how to bag more than just a bargain at your local charity shop, inspiring you to get involved and be chic on the cheap.
Charity Chic
Charity Times Awards 2005
Exclusive coverage of the UK charity awards 2005. Presented by Dominic Holland and held at Park Lane’s Grosvenor Hotel, they celebrate this year’s achievements in all areas of the charitable sector.
Charlie's Garden Army
Ground Force’s Charlie Dimmock leads an army of volunteers as they try to brighten up the country by turning wasteland into beautiful gardens.
Chasing God
This thought provoking film, narrated by Dawn French, asks the question: why do humans believe in a higher power?
Chasing God
Chat the Planet: Immigration/Gated Freedom
Young people from Australia and the US discuss immigration policies and debate the issues surrounding the new approaches being taken in both countries towards immigration.
Chat the Planet - Immigration/Gated Freedom
Chat the Planet: Political Correctness/Tongue-Tied
Is political correctness a gagging order on language or does it build consciousness and promote sensitivity? Groups of young people from Cape Town and New York discuss...
Chat the Planet 2: Political Correctness/Tongue-Tied
Chat the Planet: The Ties that Bind / Family Values
How does family life in Jordan compare with the American experience? Two groups of young people from Jordan and the USA. This episode looks at sexual orientation, family structure, education, premarital sex, honour crimes and marri
Chat the Planet: The Ties That Bind/Family Values - Young people from Jordan and the USA discuss topics
Chat the Planet: War Cry Havoc
Can young people in Jordan and the United States ever understand one another’s perspectives on the war in Iraq? What divides their opinions and how have they been influenced? Find out in this episode of the 'Chat the Planet'
Chat the Planet: War Cry Havoc
Chat the Planet: What Money Can't Buy
Two groups of young people from Cape Town and New York examine the state of youth activism in their respective countries via satellite link in this innovative programme.
Chat the Planet: What Money Can't Buy
Children of the Rubble
One man shows that it doesn’t take much to bring hope and dignity to a forgotten corner of the World.
Chulmleigh Old Fair
Go back in time with generations of people from Chulmleigh in Devon, who for one week each summer celebrate traditions dating back 751 years. This year's Fair will be held on July 27th.
Chulmleigh Old Fair in Devon
Chutney in Yuh Soca
Trinidad’s Indian and African musical heritage comes together to form chutney-soca, hot, hot, hot melodies with plenty of rhythm and spice.
CNN/MTV Staying Alive 2004
This insightful programme made by CNN and MTV looks at how HIV/AIDS and lifestyles are viewed around the world and the treatment available for the disease - all depending on where you live.
CNN/MTV Staying Alive - CNN Presenter Monita Rajpal
Coast Rescuers
Focuses on the North Eastern coast around Sunderland and the volunteers of the Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade (SVLB).
Coast Rescuers
Coast To Coast
Janet Street-Porter takes the longest walk of her life, 516 miles from Dungeness in Kent to Conway in Wales, in this seven-part series, Coast To Coast.
Coast to Coast presenter Janet Street-Porter
Coming to Say Goodbye
A look at the Aids pandemic through the eyes of people suffering from Aids and their care-givers in East Africa.
Coming to Say Goodbye
Count Me In
2005 sees the first ever National Mental Health Census in an attempt to understand the needs of minority communities in the health services.
Count Me In
Cre8 is a CD of highly original music written and recorded by young people, and this film follows the making of the album.
Croftview Rehoming Kennels
Find out about the Croftview Rehoming Kennels in Kent.
Croftview Rehoming Kennels - Twiggy with one of her rescued greyhounds
Crops and Robbers
Clever animation shows how the choices you make in the supermarket affect people across the planet.
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18:40 Can Poverty Be History?
18:50 It's My Life
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