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The Dying Rooms

The Director's Cut 2: The Dying Rooms

Young Child in shanghai orphanageNext Friday at 9.00pm Community Channel brings you the second episode of the Director’s Cut, The Dying Rooms.

In an exclusive interview with the film’s directors they discuss the harrowing experience of making the film followed by the documentary that exposed the systematic and horrific abuses in China’s state run orphanages.

“They're very thin. They have been left inside for a while, for several days. Their bodies are full of insects. Some of the children are covered with pus all over their bodies. Some of them are without clothes, completely naked.”- Ai Ming who spent 19 years in the Shanghai orphanage.

In June 1995 the documentary The Dying Rooms first transmitted on television. The programme exposed the terrible conditions and systematic neglect of abandoned children and babies in China’s state-run orphanages.

The film showed the horrific conditions that these children were subject to including babies whose hands and feet had been eaten by rats, and actual an dying room where an unwanted baby girl had been left ten days earlier to die of starvation and neglect.

Inside China's orphanagesIn the Director’s Cut, filmmakers Brian Woods and Kate Blewett discuss the making of their documentary, the experience of witnessing the abuse first-hand, and a decade on reflect on their agonising decision to smuggle their tapes out of China rather then save the life of a dying child.

The original documentary is shown in full after the Director’s cut followed by a special appeal from the charity COCOA.

Watch The Director’s Cut: The Dying Rooms on Friday February 17 at 9.00pm on Community Channel.