The Community Channel

New Website for the Community Newswire

Community Newswire LogoThe new revamped Community Newswire has gone live and has been praised by Home Office Minister Hazel Blears who was present at the launch.

The website provides voluntary organisations and community groups the opportunity to get their voices heard in the media. Funded by the Volunteering and Charitable Giving Unit of the Home Office the site is a partnership between the Media Trust and The Press Association.

Hazel Blears, the Labour MP for Salford praised the ground breaking website saying service was "invaluable" at the launch of its redesign. The redesign gives a new-look as well as added search options for people using the site.

Since its launch in June 2004 the Newswire has covered thousands of stories and organisations, leading to many of them being taken up by media outlets from national daily newspapers to voluntary-run radio stations.

Stories are submitted using a form on the Community Newswire website where they are taken up by a dedicated team of Press Association reporters. The journalists work with the voluntary groups to transform the raw material in to media friendly press releases ready to be posted on the wire.

Community Newswire webpageThese articles are then sent out on PA's regional wires and are freely available to media organisations throughout England.

Home Office funding means there is no charge for groups to file stories or photos. There is also no limit on the number of stories or photos that groups can submit. This allows the Newswire to target small organisations that normally lack the funding to get themselves heard in the media.

Visit for more information.