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BHF Valentine's appeal advertIn case you have forgotten it’s Valentine’s Day and the British Heart Foundation has a range of gorgeous gifts to help keep both your partner’s and a patient’s heart alive.

The BHF annual Valentine’s appeal is here with a range of gifts from a box of Shredded Wheat to some saucy underwear, and with every gift you buy part of the proceeds go towards a new BHF Heart Nurse.

The appeal comes as the BHF launches a new advertising campaign revealing that an alarming 90 per cent of patients living with heart and circulatory disease do not have access to the specialist nursing care they need.

The national campaign features a picture of a young girl that has just undergone heart surgery alongside the message: “Sorry Emma, there's only one BHF Heart Nurse for every 12,000 patients.”

The message was chosen to generate awareness of the drastic shortage of specialist nursing care and to ask the public to give a gift that saves lives this Valentine’s Day.

As well as Valentine’s gifts the BHF have organised a sponsored Flirt Walk so those without a partner can help fund a specialist nurse while finding someone special.

John Edge, a heart patient from East Grinstead has been lucky enough to be one of the only ten per cent of people who are supported by a BHF nurse said: “She has been a lifeline. I am a natural born worrier and the heart attack came as such a shock that I think it is only now that I have accepted what happened. Danie, my BHF Heart Nurse, was there when I needed those vital questions answered and when my family needed someone to talk to. The BHF Heart Nurse service is so important that I don't know how people who do not have one get through on their own."

Community Channel is showing Heartlands, a major series by the BHF about having, curing and recovering from Britain’s biggest killer as part of our Love Life Week starting today. [more]

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