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To coincide with the Big Film Festival, we want to know if you give money to homeless people on the street or prefer to give directly to homeless charities?
Yes - I only give money to homeless people on the streets
No - I only give money to homeless charities
I like to do both
I don't give any money at all
Talk to others about your community and get ideas about volunteering or fund raising. Plus enter our competitions and vote in our online polls!
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Here's what some of you have said about the Channel!

"‘Thanks to you all the charity is really thriving, I received 800 emails after appearing on the Community Channel." Jeffrey Breslaw, Mencare

"My colleague Andy said that it [the programme] was brilliant and showed all the interesting stuff that got left out of the Phil Tufnell show." Anthony Joseph, London Community Cricket Association, The Legacy, With A Little Help From My Friends

"Steve and I just wanted to say thanks very much for the show. You’ve done us and the MS Society proud."
Hilary Freeman, MS Society

"I watched a programme called Life Guru in the week. It was one of the most inspiring programmes that I saw for a long time. It was about a man stammering. I have not seen anything like that before. My daughter suffers a bit from a stutter and I think that it would help her a lot." Shaila Amin

" I am just writing to tell you that I came across your channel while child-sitting the other night and was VERY impressed. The simple but moving stories of people's lives and the careful selecting of 'good cause' commercials was refreshing to say the least. I wish you continued success." Grant Somers

"What a fab idea to have this Community Channel. A voice for people wishing to make positive change within the community. I set up a local ‘mum run’ organisation four years ago. My first mission has been accomplished, but truly: sweat, blood and tears! It would have been fab to register with you, to make connections with other like minded souls." Daniela Eavis

"For a long time now I have been involved in different volunteer community based projects. I have however come across a new stumbling block. I have come to realise how hard it is to come across information. I do desperately need some new start up information, if you could be so kind as to either point me in the right direction, telephone numbers, websites, any information really, It’s a really brilliant job you are doing out there. Much appreciated the 46664 concert, one of the best moments of my life." Joanita Mirembe

"Love the previews to Kismet Road, I will definitely watch the series and tell friends about it. Best of luck with the Community Channel for the future and also it’s fast becoming one of the channels I regularly tune in to." Umar Ayaz

Tell us what you think! What would you like to see on the Channel? Have you been inspired by something you've seen, or do you want to promote a charity or community event?

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01:30 Go To Your Room
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