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Now that fairtrade footballs are available do you think that FIFA should become ethically aware and use them in this year’s World Cup?
Of course, it’s all our duties to do what we can
No, fairtrade doesn't matter in football
Can’t think, too much fairtrade beer
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Find out who funds us, how to get in contact with us and where we are based. Plus of course, how to get your films on the Channel!
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Interactive TV

The Community Channel have launched a pilot for charities to generate donation income via iTV (interactive television). Sky viewers can press their red button to access the service on a 24/7 basis.

We will be prompting viewers to press red at certain times to donate to our featured charities by showing a red button on-screen, saying ‘Donate’.

There will be at least 8 charities featured on the service at any one time and you can use either your credit card or your bank account to donate, with a choice of a one-off donation or the ability to authorise a monthly donation.

We also give you the option to opt-in for Gift Aid, which means that for every pound that you donate, the government adds 28p to it for the charity.
You can also give us your opinion on the content of a film you’ve just seen on the channel via the Your Say section, or order our Fact Sheet to find out more about the organisations featured on the Channel that week.

You can find out all about the Channel and how you can get your films on-air with us.
We provide a direct link into the Do-It search engine that’s a database for volunteering opportunities throughout the UK.

All you have to do is press the red button, then put in your postcode and what your areas of interest are and up comes lots of relevant local opportunities for you!

So go on and press red on your Sky control and donate a few quid via your TV... (just remember to check that you haven’t taken the phoneline out of the back of your set top box!).
If you’re a charity organisation looking to try out fundraising through interactive TV give Sinéad Hughes a call on 020 7874 7638 or email:

There are two levels of campaign available to suit all types of organisations, big or small.

We are especially keen to hear from charities with films/programmes/adverts that we can show on the Channel, at no cost to the charity, to promote the donation pages by putting a red ‘Donate’ button over them on the screen.

For more general information on iTV content
For more information on Sky’s iTV content

For more information on the iTV market

For our iTV service Terms & Conditions



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