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Welcome to Community ChannelThis is where you can find out all about the Channel, including what's on our website, where you can watch us on tv, what type of programmes we broadcast, and how you can get involved.

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What you can watch
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Who we are

Community Channel is TV that gives a damn. It makes you think again about the world around you, and inspires you to take action on the causes and issues that matter to you. Broadcasting original shows, the best of terrestrial TV and showcasing the work of new directors and community programme makers, Community Channel is the place for real-life stories.

Where you can see us

Community Channel is broadcast 24 hours a day, every day, on Sky Digital 539, Telewest Channel 233 and ntl channels 14 and 511. Click here to see our Sky and Telewest schedules.

The Channel is also shown on Freeview 87 from 6am to 9am, everyday. Click here to see the Freeview Schedule.

The Channel is available free to 13 million digital households and 33 million potential viewers. We already know that a million people are tuning in and we receive responses from more than 10,000 viewers a week to our calls to action.

Who funds us

Community Channel is owned by the Media Trust and funded by the Volunteering and Charitable Giving Unit of the Home Office. The Community Channel Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England (3655220). Registered office: Cheapside House, 138 Cheapside, London EC2V 6BB

For more information on our funders and suppporters, go here.

What you can watch

We also run themed weeks in partnerships with charities – for example, Breast Cancer Uncovered, Autism Awareness – and MadforArts. Every evening until late we show films made by or for young people and run edgier films and documentaries. See our guide to key programmes here.

Be a part of it

We love to hear from our audience. Sky viewers can now donate to charity, order a factsheet or have their say through the red button.

All our viewers can call for more information on 08708 505 500 or tell us what they think of our programming by e-mailing

If you are involved in a charity or have a wonderful story to tell about the volunteering you do then get in touch now!

There are many community groups around the UK offering training or practice in TV production skills. The programmes they make often end up on a shelf, unseen outside the group. If this sounds familiar, and you would like to see your work on the Community Channel then contact us. Most of our community films are in Where You Live or Shorts.

We want your films!

We always want inspirational films direct from communities across the UK. People like you who are making television by getting involved in local projects or organisations. This is the only place you'll get a chance to see such grassroots television programmes.

We run charity films and features and give you a chance to support charities directly. If you work for a charity contact us with your ideas for stories that you think will inspire people to help your work further.

Or perhaps you’ve been involved in a film project and think it deserves to be seen by a wider audience. Just send us an e-mail and we will do what we can to get your voice heard. See our guide for film-makers.

Get Involved!

Community Channel loves to hear from its viewers – if you would like more information on our programming, details of how to get involved or a positive story to tell about volunteering then feel free to call on 08708 505 500 or e-mail:

And if you’re a filmmaker with a cause and you’ve made something inspirational, challenging or simply entertaining which you think would work well on our channel, we want to hear from you. We also run charity films and features, so if you work for a charity and you want to get your story on-air we can help you make it and broadcast it. Visit our Filmmakers Guide.

Or why not just have your say with the click of a button - vote now on our burning issue of the week.


Community Channel offers a range of tailored advertising, promotional, teleshopping, interactive and sponsorship packages to both commercial brands and not for profit organisations alike. Working directly with clients, the channel offers bespoke creative solutions across the TV channel and website, targeting the hard to reach ‘ethical viewer’ in a highly credible environment.

The channel’s parent charity, the Media Trust, can also offer a very cost effective TV production resource and has developed advertising and marketing campaigns for a range of high profile brands.

For more information on advertising on the channel please contact: or call 020 7874 7626.

For more information about our Sky digital interactive service, please contact: